What services you can disable Windows XP?

What services you can disable Windows XP? Corporation 1,111,112. Microsoft [/url] strongly advised to always use the setting "default" (which usually corresponds to the principle of "all inclusive"), but in this case, these settings are optimal only for the Microsoft. Some included in the set of "default" services not only consume valuable resources, but also pose a serious threat to the security system. A striking example - service "Remote Access to the registry. It is unlikely that a typical user is so versed in the settings of the OS, to help their less educated someone fix an incorrect entry in the registry. But the service is successfully used by 1,111,114. Attackers [/url] .

Here is a list redkoispolzuemyh services, which can be disabled without fearing for the stability of the system.

  [Внимание! Перед изменениями настоятельно рекомендую создать system restore point or to export the registry branch " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001 "And" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSet "]

 What services you can disable Windows XP? Editor Window Services Windows XP
   DHCP slient - This service is used for IP-address request to the server through DHCP, which addresses these issues. Service is indispensable in large organizations, where staff are not able to manually connect to a network [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%EA%EE%EC%EF%FC%FE%F2%E5%F0%FB/] 11,111,149 computers. company. It is frustrating to the luxury of generally useless, so the proposed service is disabled. Be careful if your ISP uses a cable network for Internet services is likely to address you just assigned a DHCP server. This practice 11,111,164. Dom.ru [/i] .

  Remote Registry (Remote Registry Service) - Appointment of service - support changing the registry entries on the network. We have already mentioned the danger of such a possibility. Be sure to disable this service. It represents a real threat to the security of your computer.

  Wireless Zero Configuration (Wireless Zero Configuration) I think you rarely have to perform automatic configuration of 802.11 adapters. Well, if you know what it is.

 QoS SRVP - поддержка технологии QoS от Майкрософт. Теоретически, QoS позволяет разделять канал на полосы пропускания, но это с успехом реализуется связкой ADSL+сплиттер at the hardware level, so that the service is not necessary.

  NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing 11,111,147. allows you to create passages connect to your desktop using Net Meeting. If you do not use this opportunity to advise you to disable the service, because the patched it represents a serious threat to the security system. In some pirate distributions, the service has already been removed.

 [b] Locator Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
manages a database service names RPC. Must be enabled to RPC clients can locate servers RPC. To be honest, yet never in the service will not be necessary. Service opens the ports TCP: 139 and 445 Than is often used by malicious programs. Yes, and 1.2 megabytes of RAM is not superfluous.

  Service Error - Lovers to Report Error by Microsoft to disable this service is prohibited, all the rest - would recommend.

  IPSEC services managed IP-security policy, using the driver Oakley (IKE). Is needed if you use VPN (pseudolocalized network via the Internet), for home computers is optional.

  Security Center is - Despite the terrible name does not provide any protection - its task pester you for guidance such as "Auto Update is off ... you are in danger! ", apparently, a kind of tool psychological pressure ... Be disabled until you are.

There will be no more than a mechanism to bring off. The algorithm acts as follows: Right-click on the icon " My computer is "Section" Office "->" Services and Applications "->" Services . Select disagreeable service and click " Stop . To actions were not temporary in nature, in the properties of the service change the startup type to " Auto "Or" Manual "To" Disabled .