Where on the Internet to buy and sell secondhand books on the principle of "hands"?

Where on the Internet to buy and sell secondhand books on the principle of "hands"? At one time he loved to look through used-book stores. You could always find something interesnenkoe, and most importantly, not expensive. Times are changing, now 1,111,112. second-hand bookshops [/url] - Rarity. But to buy old books has become much easier, moreover, there were possibilities of a wide search, selection and costs, pre-order. All this provides the Internet. And, to have your computer is entirely optional. You can use the services of Internet cafes or any access point into the World Network, for example, the post office.

After all 1,111,114. searcher [/url] You can find the web a significant number of second-hand book stores and specialty sites through which to sell books can be anyone. When you know the name of the author and title of the book, the easiest way directly from them and start searching. If the search engine will offer several options that will only select the most appropriate costs, method of payment and receipt books. But many prefer to use a few trusted sites, where books on the principle of "hands" sold by the owner. Typically, they are much more choice than in the shops, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the state of buying books, and often, and to bargain by email or by telephone. It is also important that such sites have customer testimonials on the vendors, so you can pre-verify their integrity.

In my opinion, the most convenient of these three sites, it www.alib.ru, www.libex.ru and molotok.ru. I have repeatedly used them, each with its own peculiarities, but there are many similarities.

In my opinion, this site is most convenient. He works since 1999, at the moment it put up for sale about a million books. Originally sold through a book, you can, and without registration. Now for sale must register and pay a fee to the tariff. Naturally, people who needed to sell a few books, it will not work. On the one hand - this is the lack of a site, but on the other - an advantage. The site remained constant sellers, and adhere strictly to certain rules. Therefore, conflicts with the buyers do not emerge often.

To buy books on Alib.ru, must register, indicating the original data. Errors in the address of the buyer could be misleading, since much of the purchased books sent by mail. Search for the same book at the site is possible without registration. To search the directory of the site simply enter the search string the name of the author or title of the book, including incomplete. Find your book, click the corresponding icon "Order". This is not the order books open for details about the book and seller. Carefully read the terms of sale, particularly the possible payment options. Unless otherwise specified, the price of the book indicates, without the cost of delivery. If you have questions contact the seller to do so following description of the book has a special window.

If you decide to buy a book, register, check the correctness of the data in the order form and click underneath the icon "Order". Now the order is made formally. Description of the book disappears from the open part of the site, as it is reserved for you. It remains to be obtained by e-mail e-mail confirming the order, if there are different payment options and delivery, then get in touch with the seller and decide which ones you use. Buy books through this site, I enjoyed the multiple-choice pre-paid shipping costs upon receipt at the post office and pay in cash at the meeting, but the latter is relevant only for large cities, although it is convenient.

If you are currently interested in you book online there, it can be ordered to make a special search form. Proposals will be sent by e-mail. At various times I thus sought eight books, seven of which bought. The search was only a collection of early stories AM Zolototrubova Issued in limited numbers in 1956.

LibeX in many respects similar to the previous secondhand online store. Sellers on it enough to register and buy books is possible without registration. For every book sold through the site the seller deducts a small percentage (for the sale of the first 8 books are not charged), which decreases with increasing number of sales. This site, unlike Alib.ru, profitable for sellers, put up for sale a small number of books. The undoubted advantage is that the seller places not only description, but also photo-selling books. Buyers can leave feedback on the site of the sellers, as well as orders for interesting books, which are currently not commercially available. By the way, the seller can also leave feedback on the registered customers. The book, which is framed application, may offer a potential buyer is not only a registered seller, but any visitor to the site. This site I used only twice. It is convenient, but the books it is much less than Alib.ru, in any case, I imagined it.

Molotok.ru, - a great site selling goods, works on the principle of 1,111,118. auction [/url] . It offers everything that can be put up for sale. To sell books selected large section. A special feature of the site is that the book, like any product, exhibited a certain period, indicating the starting price for the auction, except that price is often proposed, and higher fixed for which the book can be purchased at any time, without waiting for the auction. It is convenient to the site and the fact that when you search, you can specify a city, region and price limit. In auctions involving only registered customers. Like the previous site, the seller deducts a small percentage of the sale, which is removed from the prepaid amount.

Finding the site you're interested in a book (usually a her picture and description), make a decision - pay directly at a fixed price or participate in the auction, which may last up to 21 days. In the auction bids can be made only above those already made. During the auction the seller can ask questions via email. At the end of the auction or sale at a fixed price, the seller and the buyer wins the auction receive e-mails with your contact information to each other to agree on payment and delivery of goods. After the transaction is left on site reviews of each other.

Web site easy to use, through him, bought the book several times, as a fixed price, and participating in auctions. The problems never surfaced.

Naturally, buyers are interested in issues of security of personal data entered when registering on websites. At all three sites, which use more than one year, I always pointed out the same e-mail, and on more Alib.ru and full address. Spam by e-mail or some kind of promotional mail at the address did not come even once!

On the Internet, there are other sites of antiquarian booksellers [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-13567/] book sales 11,111,113. on the principle of "hands", like in the article, but sales volumes, and thus the range, they are much lower. If you are interested in some rare books, then on such sites, especially the case, it is worth to go, but maybe you are lucky.