Why a firewall?

Why a firewall? Very, very many Internet users in the security issue компьютера ограничиваются установкой антивируса. А ведь помимо вирусов , Which recently not very common, the Internet is full of any infection, and norovyaschey live on your computer.

Judge for yourself: Trojans (trojans), черви (worms), хакерские утилиты (backdoors, exploit, Hack Tool, constructor, bad-joke), ну и конечно сами хакеры (имеются в виду непосредственные атаки на компьютер, типа DDos*). Подробнее о всех этих ужасах можно почитать в вирусной энциклопедии. Have you heard about 11,111,140. Botnet * [/b] About illegal 11,111,140. Proxy * [/b] Servers? After all, your computer may be a zombie, sending out spam, or serve as a proxy hacker Vasya Pupkin .

Protect your computer from the adversary called firewall, or firewall . Purpose of the program - to monitor network activity of applications by prohibiting or restricting their access to the network. In addition, the firewall will help keep the precious bandwidth: many of the programs after the installation immediately climb to the Internet update (Adobe Photoshop CS3, narimer can to quietly download about 300MB) and installed with a firewall, an activity guaranteed to not go unnoticed.

Firewalls are different. Alone could "prohibit" or "allow", while others make it possible to put Tweaks like protocol, port, address otpravitelyapoluchatelya, there is still something - what your imagination of developers.

By itself, the firewall does not guarantee absolute protection against penetration. Although many firewalls and integrated set of rules "by default" for common applications, be prepared to educate your lawyer, pointing to the program, which should allow access to the Internet.

From the correct firewall settings depend on the comfort and security of your online experience. Do not mindlessly poke "allow" for each query appears. Why then the need to protect yourself, if everyone who wants to, gets access to the network? Well, of course, turn off the protection, too, is not recommended.

  Example of life. A friend of mine constantly clutching plague the Internet. I put the firewall - the picture has not changed. Having once again to clean the computer, I discovered that it includes the modem and disable the firewall. "This is not to interfere with their messages," - he said, looking at my face in amazement.

I'd love to tell about the pros and cons of firewalls from different companies. But advertising and anti-advertisement do not want to. And the view was subjective. What I do not like - liking another. So here are a list of the most well-known firewall, but you really get to decide what to guard your safety.

Thus, a comprehensive solution Kaspersky Labs branded 0,000,003. from Agnitum, a newcomer Comodo Firewall, забугорный McAfee Internet Securiti , An independent product of the same Kaspersky - Kaspersky Anti-Hacker. In addition, many antivirus products feature a firewall already built.

There is a standard firewall Windows, which is the simplest firewall (Right-click the connection icon in the tray -> Change the firewall settings Windows), but it cuts both ways: many malicious programs easily bypass the firewall, which continues to create the illusion of control over the system.

Hopefully, the material of the article will help you do the work in [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/tag/%E8%ED%F2%E5%F0%ED%E5%F2/] 11111137 Internet. more comfortable and safer.

  * DDoS - Implementing programs of this type of attack on remote servers, sending them to numerous requests, leading to a denial of service if resources are insufficient attacked server for processing all incoming requests (DoS = Denial of Service).

* Botnet - A network of infected computers, which can remotely control an attacker. Typically used for the implementation of network attacks or mass mailing spam.