Why are blogs so popular?

Why are blogs so popular? Since each office, selling plastic windows, conducted online, with hundreds of thousands of office slackers got the other job, except to go to smoke and liters lash free instant coffee. Once burned to a "screw", and ten re-installation of the program "Client-Bank" eternally gloomy administrators quickly cut off the porn sites, and Интернету пришлось искать другое применение. С сайтами знакомств was all not so simple. All the girls from thence, as it turned out, they want to march under the Mendelssohn, and all the guys - a wild, unbridled sex without consequences, and marriage. News - well, how much they can read the news and pictures and "anekdot.ru" is still one hundred percent not kill a highly paid working time.

And there is usually a simple but utterly elegant solution. If you already tired of dating sites and chat rooms, ICQ is used only as an analogue phone, but to create their own site does not have enough brains, just it's time to get Blog. (An online diary, LiveJournal - livejournal and mass variants - other servers offering such services). Your friends, advanced bloggers or LJ-ists, as they call themselves, for the first time describe a process like this: "Well, they write posts (see the word" post "in a brief dictionary) friends to read posts in frendlente, receive comments...

Hmm, you ask yourself, but what a joke?

Indeed, but what's the catch? Why millions of people worldwide sit down, without reading any other news and other resources, apart from blogging, and with maniacal rats, which in the pleasure center in the brain implant electrode, shake the button "Get new mail"? Today www.livejournal.com - is the most visited resource for conducting online diaries, a few tens of millions of users. Moreover, the Russian Federation and Ukraine is among the ten countries with the largest number of accounts together with the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition, at the very site you will read about the founding fathers www.livejournal.com, ordinary American boys who are a certain number of years ago came up with this brilliant idea to idiocy. In fact, all these dry facts do not completely reflect that general hysteria that surrounds this resource since the issue has proznali on the Internet. Therefore, as insiders suggest look at the problem from the inside.

Remember how you as a child and even more early adolescence would like to express myself. As you wrote in the toilet "Masha loves Vova, but Vova likes beer" on the walls at the front of the Cinema "," Vic Tortsov "and" Kostya Kinchev, we are together! ", Enjoying the beautiful anonymity messidzha. (There was also remarkable, in the summer kanuvshaya abbreviation «HMR».) As you tried to hurt his enemies uncomplicated wall PR shares type Petro-goat "or" val of 5-th square. fool. Or any other word no less sacred contents. And suddenly, when you grew up, it turned out that it is possible to claim the world about yourself much more effectively. You can, as a personal fairy tale from, to create a virtually any image.

What at first seemed to be minimal risk to be unmasked. (Actually, do not be surprised if one day behind you say when meeting: "Oh, this is the fairy-of-tubes" from which her boyfriend does not sleep? ") And yet - no matter that home wallpaper behind the walls, flowing toilet and no two identical slippers. But in his blog with skill can give the comparative characteristics of "Mazeratti" and "Ferrari", tips on creating a gastronomic restaurants, livable world, religious education troubled teens, political reform and macroeconomics. And how to do BDSM. A crowd of the same smart, wonderful and educated, as you rush to swear and argue in defense of their own, is no less true point of view.

Generally, swear and argue - one of their constituents just blog communication. In this fascinating case has its masters, its monsters and persecution of so-called flood 11,111,119. . This legendary Russian LJ. A very readable, it should be noted are, first of all, blogs people fairly popular in the non-virtual world. If the U.S. president even keeps a diary, in Russia, almost every self-respecting writer, musician and political consultant has a blog. The real names of these worthy people are not going to disclose, because the main thing in LJ - intrigue, Is not it?

Incidentally, the first to get an account on livejournal you can, or paying a management site (the so-called paid account), or getting the code from someone of the users, not more than one in a certain period of time. This created the illusion of a certain general elitism, election, which so love to boast rogue. Several years ago codes abolished. God, what a wave of indignation rose among. Members area! The French aristocracy during the bourgeois revolution was indignant about the same due to the loss of their privileges, as if one part of slackers trying to avoid another part in a completely non-existent world of dreams and illusions. As a result, special, nothing has changed - I, anyway, do not notice, but a growing number of friends to relegate the expense of the quality of their posts.

Thus, looking for the thousandth time his frendlentu (F5, F5, F5 ...), you understand that from childhood we never went out. All looking for that would be so special to scratch himself in eternity, where would perch oneself, with whom would my friends against others. And Learn - Another innocent pastime of bored individualists, urban singles. Strayed inhabitants of megacities have found yet another maze and wander around on it in the dark with his fingers on the keyboard. As the sages for centuries - all is vanity and vexation of spirit ...

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