When the "end" the Internet? Networking on the verge of crisis

When the "end" the Internet? Networking on the verge of crisis By 2010, our eyes happen deficit bandwidth Internet. Such a startling conclusion reached U.S. company Nemertes Research Group, engaged in analytical work. A huge amount of information, the continuous growth of Internet users will lead to overloading of the Global Web. As a result, may decrease the speed of data transmission, and then comes to the future existence of 1,111,112. Internet [/url] .

What's even more interesting, according to some experts, in view of the slow transmission of information may be a global economic crisis. After analyzing the current trends, a forecast made by Western analysts. Every day the amount of transmitted информации неуклонно увеличивается. Это связано с популярностью интернет-телевидения , A variety of video and audio files. According to some experts, the total amount of information transmitted in the past year was 161 exabytes - is 161 billion gigabytes. There is no doubt that this year the figure will be even greater.

Traffic growth is explosive. It is based on not only the demand of the market, but also the desire of the operators make money on the so-called additional services. The fact that the simple sale of скорости сейчас не приносит больших денег провайдерам. В борьбе за клиентуру расценки на трафик снижаются. И провайдеры открывают желающим возможность качать фильмы , Music, internet-connected TV. Of course, when one channel a few hundred or thousands of users begin to download large files, this can affect the speed.

According to experts, advanced networking channels require urgent updates and upgrades. But 0,000,003. stated that the lack of traffic and slow speed of information transmission can lead to a global recession. As a consequence, suffer 11,111,116. Internet Business [/url] . In the credit and banking systems also begin the problem. Communication between offices may be interrupted. In general, the forecasts are not very optimistic.

But they themselves providers react to such predictions are highly skeptical. According to them, fearing a lack of capacity is not worth it, because the width of the working channel it is allows you to connect a lot of new subscribers. Speed also should not be affected. In any case, people will get the amount of information, which is indicated in their contract, otherwise the provider would lose the client, and therefore money.

On assistance to such problems can come современные технологии. На сегодняшний день большие объемы трафика может брать на себя волоконно-оптический кабель. Оптоволокно может переносить информацию на скорости более 1 Гб в секунду. При ухудшении связи провайдеры начнут просто прокладывать новые кабели. Даже если возникнут какие-либо проблемы с оптоволокном, то на помощь придет беспроводной интернет. Уже сегодня есть такие города, которые полностью оснащены технологией Wi-Fi Which has no such problems as lack of bandwidth. However, it is worth noting that it is very sensitive to electromagnetic waves, which may arise from interference.