How do I find information about his friends on the Internet?

How do I find information about his friends on the Internet? Since the release of my first article about the search - \"How to find free music and movies online?\" - It was nearly 2 years, although the article largely relevant today. But everything flows, everything changes, it is time to expand our skills and knowledge. There are new interesting sites, new advertising platforms, improved old ones.

About the music and not only
First, the search for music. In addition to searching through queries to Yandex as a «parent directory leningrad svoboda.mp3», it makes sense to supplement their needs, where the author or a song written in Latin script, is adjacent to a free file-storage, for example: «Morandi ifolder» or «Morandi RapidShare "or« Morandi FileFactory »- as a result you get a set of pages, where you can download the music. Often in such cases, that mean the same tune, and find - an album that is usually happy. It is also useful to ask «Morandi rar» or «Morandi zip» - albums, and songs that are removed in the archive to make it easier to swing.

Looking for more of my friends
It has become fashionable to be somewhere 1,111,114. classmates at 1,111,117. or in contact. Every more and more leaves traces on the Internet, so you can learn a lot by comparing the found scraps of information. Sometimes it happens that you know the person and want to congratulate him on his birthday, but forgot its coordinates or lost. Or just some people you are interested and you want to know more about it ... I want to talk about some techniques that can help to do it.
1. You need to find the photo rights, name of which you know. You can use sites such as and 1,111,116. [/url] . Of course, the name and rolled a lot of people, but knowing at least something more about the right person, you can select it from the total number found.

2. Get address, phone number, date of birth on the name - has a website - base with birthdays, mostly from Moscow and telephones. If you prefer, you can find on this site and birthdays of relatives.

3. Find out whose car (who is the owner) - the same site Base from 1961 to 2005, mostly in Moscow.

4. Get e-mail can sometimes be on the house phone, asking him to Yandex - giving the ad shows a man and then another.

5. Find cell phone can be by e-mail, too, asking him to Yandex - giving the ad shows a man and then another.

6. Sometimes you can find icq, if you know the e-mail a person through search on the basis of ICQ.

7. A number of icq is possible to find a blog in Livejournal, and people - both at hand.

8. Combining the above tools and some other tricks you can learn a lot about the man and his environment, unless, of course, he would leave traces on the Internet.

Hiding Internet
Summing up, I want to say that almost everyone in one way or another, is present in the Internet: either he is in the database, or by the "legacy" by registering on social networking web sites, or giving messages and leaving comments. Therefore, a small tip: if you do not want anyone could know about you too much - not sure on the Internet.

Or sure, but carefully, namely:

1. Do not give your full name in open systems - better than just a name.

2. Sign up for an open phone and e-mail, that are given are always together only in ads, and nowhere else.

3. The sites for communication (like and - put the minimum possible access to your materials.