Installing Windows and good mood. A Practical Guide for Dummies and samovars

Installing Windows and good mood. A Practical Guide for Dummies and samovars Training
Finally it has happened - flew system. Viruses have tried, or you've done anything - no matter the result is still the same: re. Dream a disk - here he is on the shelf is, and what to do with that? That's about it and tell.

First things first turn on the computer. Who is on - turn off, now turn. No, I do not mocked - it should be. There will be an exercise in speed of reaction - need the time to insert the disk, has not yet started downloading from somewhere else. Do not worry - 10 seconds you have. Those who did not have time, I recommend to stop helping a comrade in Estonia and just reboot.

Yeah, white on black lettering - to continue booting from CD, press any key ( For disk boot press any key ). Where is the mysterious "Anikei," explained a long time, so press the space bar.

  Those "lucky to", in which the inscription was not there, you need to set the BIOS to boot from the disc. (Restarts once and many times we press Del And F2 . You should see a window of the BIOS settings. We find the item " First boot device " And set the value CD-ROM . Where to Find and how to install - figure it out.)

 Installing Windows and good mood. A Practical Guide for Dummies and samovars Set to boot from CD-ROM
A few minutes meditate in a blue screen with white stripes at the bottom, where glimpses of strange characters. It seems, Windows still did aliens, and Bill Gates just drive found. Well, like everything. Message to men over - we are expected Activism:
"To set Windows XP Press Enter . Asking - Hit ...

 Installing Windows and good mood. A Practical Guide for Dummies and samovars To install, click VvodEto what else? The license agreement for some. "IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT install or use. Read carefully, suddenly you are selling yourself into slavery ... I've never read, so I do not know with what I agree there. How familiar with the legal (among others) document, press «F8» .

So, now more careful. Shaped as letters you see? C: there, or D: ... someone as lucky. Here are shaped as letters denote the partitions on your hard disk. If there is only one word for (say, C:) click on Enter Who patriotically called input, and proceed to the next stage. Others need to sit down and think (you can just sit down), on which sections of the install.

Windows, in general, it does not matter from a place to run, the main thing - that you install "accidentally" delete old files. Therefore, if the disk where you want to set, before there was something, after pressing "Enter" be sure to select "Leave the current file system intact". Otherwise ... well, cleanliness - the guarantee of health.

 Installing Windows and good mood. A Practical Guide for Dummies and samovars Select the partition to install 11,111,144. One caveat: if you have the selected disk has previously stood 11,111,135. OS [/url] - A window will appear with a warning: "Installing multiple OS on one partition is not recommended." And we have a few and do not install it. Click " C "- And that's that. [/i]
Next stage. Here, your intervention is not needed, just look how creeping yellow stripe, and do not change, especially the computer.

As soon as the yellow sausage reaches the other end of the screen - the computer will reboot. Sam. Then the download starts. "Anikei" press is not necessary. You still have pressed? Nothing, repeat - Practice makes perfect. How to finish all the previous stages for the second time - back to us.

Pull your hands before him, look at them. Admiration. These hands have just completed the main part of installing Windows. You can at the door of his office to hang another plaque. Say "Vasya Pupkin. Assistant manager and professional installer Windows ». You can also ask the boss a pay rise - a qualified person are more expensive.

Well, this is something akin to the painfully familiar system. Blue screen. Pathos inscription "In step with the times" (8 years), "The speed (braking) and reliability (failure)" and other modest expression in the same spirit.

 Installing Windows and good mood. A Practical Guide for Dummies and samovars Graphics mode ustanovkiPust you are not confused cursor. It is not necessary. You can get down, looking around the letters and presents it to the green strip in the corner. (By the way, very fun)
When the progress reaches the point "Installing Windows», you can press Shift F8 - And there will be a command prompt. Dial taskmgr - And will be the task manager. Through it you can see the CPU, or try to run the game from the folder sustem32.

End game - see the Windows regional settings. Click 11,111,164. Next [/b] .

Now is the time to indicate it belongs to you personally system by entering the name and organization. Say the name: Vasya Pupkin. Organization: Apartment Pupkin. Pointed out - now confirm: enter the product key. What is the key to enter? A license, of course, you have been given in the shop with your computer. It you have on a label pasted on sistemnik.

No stickers? Then down the volume and brightness of the monitor. Extinguish the light and turn excess of the room. The following data is strictly confidential: the Internet can find a lot of pirated keys to Windows. When you flibusterstvovat, ensure that the version of your system and that for which is a key match.

Computer Name and Administrator Password. Again, you can press Next . Password desirable place, but do not forget it later.

Set time and date - Next Without question.
Meditation sessions to monitor - and again the window. Network Settings and the working group. Also press Next both times. Then configure. Themselves.

Another restart. "Anikei" not reap. Who clicks ... I have already said.

Windows "Display Settings" and just one button. «Windows automatically adjusts the screen resolution. And what, you can opt out? Oak . Oak .

Colorful short movie and ... no, not all. "Welcome to 11,111,162. Microsoft [/url] Windows ». Next In general. Automatic updates can be included, but you can not include. Completely at your discretion.

Verify connectivity to the Internet skipping.

Register at Microsoft runs at the command of the heart. I usually will not allow it.

The name of your account ... all that your heart desires. Although Alexander II.

Iiiii ... everything! Accept congratulations. My and Microsoft. You have successfully completed the installation of Windows on your computer!