Computer and typewriter - find five differences?

Computer and typewriter - find five differences? For those who formerly typed This is not a mystery, but those who immediately started the computer, it will be interesting to read.

The difference between the first: Keyboard
 At the typewriter, it is designed so that it's done with all his might. From this have secretaries and typists of the past were very developed fingertips. There are legends that after three days of training ordinary typist is able to penetrate the finger-thick sheet of particleboard two centimeters.

Pluses of the typewriter keyboard: if you have a malicious neighbor, who wants to do some dirty trick, then print be exclusively at night. A deafening crack echoed around the house, a neighbor will toss and turn in your headphones, grit your teeth and go to sleep until morning, when it is time to go to work. As a result, he appears at his workplace angry and sleepy, rude boss, and it will deprive the prize. No other pluses I have not been found.

 Computer and typewriter - find five differences?
Cons keyboard typewriter : Button it are too high and enough space between them so that fingers regularly slipped from them and stuck in the depths of her typewriter. I myself do not often in this trap, when he worked on his old typewriter. While pulling the jammed fingers, have time to come up with some fanciful epithets to the word "typewriter". However, for a writer is also a plus, not a minus - these words then you can use in their works. Another important negative - if any bullet stitch or broken, then it must subsequently enter the letter by hand. And it is very rigmarole work, and looks at the manuscript is not very nice.

Pluses computer Claudia: buttons are pressed very gently and quietly. But for those who began working on the computer after the typewriter, it is rather inconvenient. They have not yet formed the habit of immediately remove your fingers from the keys and instead of letter "a" regularly pops "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

 Unlike the typewriter, there are many useful buttons, such as, for example, backspace. If it had been present in the typewriter keyboard, it would not have to paint over their white typos and flaws, that at one time gave everyone a lot of trouble. Another plus - a large number of characters that are not available for typewriters. Plus a very many, all not mention it again. For example, using a combination alt shift d in Word'e can instantly enter the current date (01/27/2009), or harassed the question is, what's the date today.

 Computer and typewriter - find five differences? Минусы компьютерной клавы: после печатной машинки кажется, что здесь слишком много ненужных кнопок с непонятными названиями на английском языке и поначалу нажимаешь их с чувством тревоги – что сейчас будет? Особо бояться не надо, компьютер – машина умная, и если что не так, он обязательно вас спросит, надо ли вам это или нет? Но, если в этих кнопках разобраться , Then this will be minus a plus. Another negative - always looking for the letter E and find it hidden in the farthest corner of the keyboard, away from all the letters that are not very comfortable typing experience.

The difference between the two: Media
Say what you like, but on a typewriter, not even the featured imported machine, album «Animals» group «Pink Floyd» not listen. And "Pulp Fiction" did not see. In 3D-игры на ней также не поиграешь. На ней можно только стучать, недаром ведь машинисток называют дятлами. Зато на компьютере можно совмещать полезное с приятным. Можно печатать текст и слушать хорошую музыку , As I do now. You can even write his own music, installing the musical program, but it does know the notes. I tried my hand in the program «Fruityloops». Without knowledge of the music produced something like avant-garde music on an amateur. I have not found a fan of my music.

The difference between the three: smart tips
 Computer and typewriter - find five differences? Typewriter does not give advice, unlike the computer, it is silent. The computer also sometimes gets his tips. Whatever you do, you work in Microsoft Word or in another program, from time to time there are messages with different recommendations, useful, of course, but not always necessary. And if Word'e activated helper, without which sometimes do not get along, then he'll torment you at all, will accost you in the process of work and harass you with my mentoring. I have as an assistant was activated mag, due to its prompts, I learned a lot about Microsoft Word. But sometimes he fell asleep and snored so uncivilized, distracting me from my work that I activated the other assistant.

The difference between the fourth: Crash Software
 Computer and typewriter - find five differences? Typewriter - something simple and reliable. She can even chop nuts. She has no software, no "Windu", which has a habit of "fly", and it never freezes. Sometimes jams, but it's easy to fix with a few drops of machine oil.

Computer - the subject of a complex and capricious. It often takes all kinds of failures, which, though often he himself and corrects it. In my "Atheer" once covered himself with a software programmer shop where we bought it, called it "Vinda flew. I'm afraid that will have to remove all the information and then upload 11,111,132. Windows [/url] But my machine cured for some half an hour. After some time I had already taught myself to treat minor ailments of my "Acer".

If the computer hangs during the work, and you do not have time to keep the information does not matter. A copy of the file is saved automatically. And do not tear the last hair, you only need to reboot the machine, and Word, in which you worked before the failure (need only to open it), immediately announced that the detected file is saved automatically. It is necessary only to understand, to keep the original file, or with whom you worked. One of them will have to remove.

The difference between the fifth: Print
Immediately we shall discuss the terms. At the typewriter text printed or engraved on the computer its gain, input or impose on the screen, and the printer prints. On printer You can stay a long time and write a separate chapter - "The printer and typewriter. Find ten differences ", but probably not worth it.

For some reason the typewriter is sometimes called a typewriter, but do not write on it, writing pens. It is a question for scholars.

At the typewriter stuffed text or tables. The printer does everything. It prints text and tables, and drawings, and photographs. One of my friends even wallpaper print, but he flew a pretty penny.

The printer can be configured so that important for you to work will be printed with the best quality, and the announcement of the sale of old things to the neighbor-riders - worse than ever (so do not appealed).