Who are we in the information society, or as forming a virtual identity?

Who are we in the information society, or as forming a virtual identity? Network - almost the only sphere of existence, where what you do, is immeasurably more important than what you are. And even - is there a general ". (Nastik Gryzunova, 1999).

Third consecutive year, 1,111,116. May 17 [/b] World notes 1,111,116. Day of Information Society [/b] . This holiday we are obliged to UN General Assembly. 26 March 2006 it adopted a resolution and gave a new, more contemporary status remains the International Day of Telecommunications (or the International Day of telecommunications). And that, in turn, regarded the establishment of 17 May 1865 the International Telegraph Union, which later became the International Telecommunication Union.

Bomond and demimond
But it's not the point. "Edited" the UN holiday "aytishniki" quickly recorded their strategic, although they date from professional and already Calendar breaking . Read about the World Information Society Day on the Internet - certainly plucked to advice immediately congratulate "all programmers, system administrators, Internet service providers and all other people working in the field of information technology. They say, the much-vaunted information society. Oh, comrades, is wrong, mass markets and brutally insulting! And we then who do you think?

The concept of "community" implies a set of relationships between people based on something in common. The views, interests, goals, hobbies, classes - "pillars" can find a great variety, depending on what the specific community have in mind. In the information environment, as a rule, we plunge to:
a) find the answer to a specific question (cognitive motive);
b) exchange information, opinions, experiences with other users (communicative motive).

The Internet as the information society is based on information resources, and koi are efforts "aytishnikov. Nobody here does not detract from their merits. As they say, only you guys, and coping. But breathe a full life in any forum, social network, blogging platform, and so on, away, away, we are only able to - mass users. Notorious community without us - nowhere. And we have an integral component. Let the very creators of IT-reality consider themselves to her beau monde, and we stand demimonda not disdain. But we see out of the gates of virtual-social system is stupid and ridiculous. So raise our glasses, my friends, for them and for us, not looking up from the monitor!

"We - not Petit and Vova, we - the dogs and cows!"
A line of children's rhyme, learned? Agnia Barto once many years ago wrote about struck up a kindergarten. Kids portrayed himself out there is not a collective herd, not a zoo, and, as noted psychologists have finally lost in the process of playing identity.

Something like this very often happens on the Internet. Here's how this says Wikimedia : "In an online community of humans created a virtual personality that can be very different from his real personality and that for a person can be even more important than the real" .

We illustrate the phenomenon. Gets in one day to the Internet, for example, Vasya Pupkin - a real Russian citizen, a resident of Moscow or Khabarovsk - it does not matter, twenty years old, single, with secondary special education, who served in the armed forces of Armenia, of medium height, slim build, gray-eyed, red-haired, freckled, with a touching protruding ears. Vasya interests fully human - girls, cars, football and a desire to declare itself the world. He is registered on dating sites, forums motorists forum fans of "Spartacus", the forum beer lovers. Propounding blog "Notes of this macho. As Vasya - the guy open and honest, he always signed his real name and real name and publish your real photo, not even zamorachivayas working to refine it a bit in Photoshop.

A couple of months Vasya realized: we must urgently in itself change anything. Because neither the girl nor the motorists, no fans on it any real attention is not paid. Simply say, just ignored. A blog, even bad things sometimes written, discussing compliance Vasya appearance criteria machismo. In short, thought Vasya, thought, and then went and changed all the settings. Native name with the name given way to network nick Diamond, but instead of big-eared, freckled-face everywhere an image swarthy young men with stylish Legislative shock of black hair, soulful eyes and naked inflated torso. Girls with LovePlanet orderly began to surrender to Vasin (ie, already seems to be not Vasin, and Diamondovu) mercy, and vied with each other to pray for a date.

The forum motorists, our hero appeared as shumaher, putting in an avatar portrait of the famous racing driver. On the beer forum, even a little show off by downloading Animation with gay dog, waving a mug with the frothy beverage. I signed it: "Sharikoff-Puzinshteyn. And then Vasya incurred.

He regularly and periodically invent new images appear in them that here and there in the vast runet, created by their names, positions and scribbled comments. Expressed in different ways: either investing in the texts of their personal thoughts and emotions, then issuing a notorious provocation. Online, he has formed a wide circle of friends. But by and large, they were not his friends and "friends" he created virtual personalities. After all, he was associated with members of the forum not himself, but with a cartoon dog named Puzinshteyn or the glamorous Diamondom.

Whether people, whether dolls
As Wikipedia explains the term "Virtual". This is a fictitious person, another person for whom he pretends to be Internet users: "virtual institution created by the account (" Account ") in a system that supports the user registration (blogs, forums, instant messenger), and pointing imaginary identity". Virtual often give a false name and/or name denoted only by nickname. Nevertheless, continuing the same encyclopedia, "sockpuppets not call a person who is not inclined to disclose his real name, but everywhere performing under the same nickname (pseudonym), without attempting to simulate is not inherent in him as a person of quality" .

Synonyms Virtual - "Fake", "clone", "cartoon". There is also "sockpuppets" - from the English expression sock puppet - a doll from stocking or socks, put on his hand and enter into dialogue on their own behalf, even with a puppeteer.

The "virtual dolls" selflessly played runet second half of the 90's. Who cares, can ask the search engine on the Mac Ivanovich Mukhin, Kate Detkinoy, Mary Shelley. They were not just the virtual personality, and professional waste art projects. They agitated the minds and imaginations of ordinary user, forcing them to laugh and cry. Even if some users have enough imagination to suppose that Kate Detkina - a nickname some sarcastic journalist, almost no one guessed that Katie is no there is not and never was, and is a great hoaxer Artem Lebedev. By the way, Nastik Gryzunova, which I quoted in this article, too, "virtual doll.