Battle antivirus, or what program to choose?

Battle antivirus, or what program to choose? You know how many updates a day produces Panda? A Kaspersky Anti-Virus? And which of these anti-virus software is better? With what antivirus computer will be less slow? Is it possible to provide 100% protection against malicious software? Answers to all questions - in this article!

The producers 1,111,112. antivirus 1,111,119. There is a good tradition every year seriously enough to update their product, adding useful features, improved interface. The onset of 2009 was no exception.

Even a couple of months before the new year almost all the authors of the "protective" software announced the cardinal improvement of their programs. We check that this corresponds to reality and try to determine the best of the best!

Just mention the axiom: antivirus database must always keep up to date. But one program is not difficult, but on the other - to make almost impossible! Test Center AV-Test reported: Firm-developer F-Secure gives negligible updates over the weekend, and at Panda Security updates in the evening and at night you will not live to see at all! Reassured him: it is not scary, because every self-respecting antivirusnike have technology that allows the behavior of the program to determine its harmfulness. Climb such a program in the registry to change something, and antivirus software as soon block intruders and warn of the invasion of the user. And the computer must, of course, under the protection of "good" programs around the clock, because the globe every 30 seconds a baby is born virus, dangerous, even for "old" computers and advanced users.

Anyone 1,111,114. antivirus 1,111,119. imposed very specific requirements: Applications must be able to protect your computer from viruses, hackers and other bad programs and people. This means that the components of a "defender" should be strictly anti-virus, spam filter and firewall. At the same time anti-virus should not "eat" too many system resources, but must communicate with the common man on the normal human language.

Which program is best suited to all these "simple" requirements?

First, just disappointed ... 100% protection against viruses and other computer ills does not exist! But the threshold of detection is high: nearly all the candidates to protect your computer could detect more than 98% "boyish-bad guys". Only Panda showed not a very good result in 92 per cent.

Spyware is much more difficult to recognize, so the exact percentage of hits was lower: most programs stood at 95%, and only BitDefender blunder, stopping at 88%.

Interesting results were obtained for anti-virus updates. Norton Internet Security (by the way, in secret, for instance - the winner of our test) receives a month before the 6200 updates! For comparison - Avira limited to 126 new signatures.

Another interesting indicator - false positives. We got 1,111,116. program [/url] crawl 2,5 million different files. Our winner has never scored a false alarm. But the silver medalist of our research - Kaspersky Anti-Virus - the maximum number of times mistaken.

You shall rejoice: new version greatly accelerated the scanning of files and speed, and began to pick up less memory. If last year's best result was 200 MB, now the largest volume - 82 MB. As you can see, hunger antivirus managed to quell nearly two times without losing protective qualities. And the differences in the speed of antivirus software can detect only running them directly on the machine and check the time.

These are: Norton winner took only 33 minutes on a full scan, while Pande at all the same steps it took 97 minutes, almost three times more! We conducted some other studies - to copy files, transfer and some other indices. The best results can boast of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and F-Security.

Normal antivirus software should be simple and accessible interface, clear any user . With this no problems with Norton Internet Security. In Kaspersky all settings combined into tabs, which is very convenient. These programs allow you to see the threat of color indicators (from Kaspersky's all done in pretty colors of traffic lights: green - everything is in order, yellow - there are threats, red - the threat can be realized). But Pandu update succeeded only with the help of a specialist, for this reason that this program is unlikely to suit those, then just beginning its journey into the exciting world of computer.

It is desirable that the user could call at any time in the service of technical support and to answer any your question. All antivirus programs provide such an opportunity, elimination of only one thing: Panda Software.

Well, if the system suddenly fails, then the bad hand to have a boot disk that will help restore your counsel. With all the programs of this class are supplied with such devices. This exclusion is also only one - antivirus Avira.

Thus, the final ranking antivirus programs:
1. Norton Internet Security 2009 - fast performance and easy interface
2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 - the performance a little less, but the interface with the display at a height;
3. F-Secure Internet Security 2009 - the performance is good, but our two leaders inferior in user-friendly interface;
4. G Data Internet Security 2009 - Program mediocre;
5. BitDefender Internet Security 2009 - completely rescues;
6. Panda Internet Security 2009 and Avira Antivir Premium Security Suite 2008 - showed the worst results for almost all parameters.