Why did he need this Linux?

Why did he need this Linux? When people learn that I work on Linux, sometimes say: "Oh, you're an advanced ..." Most simply do not understand what was going on, and turn a deaf ear. Very rare: "I'm going to learn a long time, now, and a separate computer under Linux singled out. Often go to the attack: "Why do I need it, this Linux Me that has nothing to do! "

Let us calmly dismantled, and why, in fact, need a Linux ordinary person, not a computer fan and not a hacker.

Let's start with benefits 11,111,121. Linux:

 [b] 1.
Freeware. Linux distribution can be downloaded from the Internet, burn to DVD or CD, and booted from this disk to install.

  2. Any Linux distribution already includes in its composition every conceivable for an ordinary user programs: text editors, word processors, programs to work with images of any complexity, multiple browsers, the full range of internet applications like Skype, Acequia, messengers and other things, funds the installation and removal software partitioning hard drives into sections, dictionaries, simple games like solitaire and tetris, and still so much that you do not try and for the year. All this does not need to purchase and install, it automatically installed with the operating system. And work together with the system no more than 10 GB of disk space.

 3. Линукс создан для локальных сетей и для Интернета. Он работает быстрее, надежнее и имеет одно гигантское преимущество – неуязвимость для вирусов . More precisely, viruses for Linux is known a little more than a hundred, and avid collectors share as rare butterflies. Accordingly, you will not need to install and weekly update antivirus, to reinstall just Windows, when the onslaught of viruses it just stops working, to overpay for Internet traffic, when the virus starts from your computer to send across the wide world is spam.

For the sake of objectivity, and say the main 11,111,120. shortcomings [/b] Linux:

  1. Extraordinary variety and choice incomprehensible to the neophyte options: many Linux distributions, many programs, many file systems, the set of an ad hoc and often outdated information.

  2. The difficulty of exchange programs between the different distributions. Beginner forced to use those programs, which invites him to store programs (repository) of the distribution.

 3. Под Линуксом не работают (или работают плохо) сложные современные игры .

More recently, the main difficulty was to install Linux on your computer, but now with many distributions, this procedure is easier than installing just Windows.

It is extremely common so-called LiveCD, allowing to run Linux distribution directly from a CD or DVD and try it in practice. The hard disk of your computer in this way is not involved, it may simply not be. And if you need something to save, then save to a flash drive.

But enough of the pros and cons, it's time to answer the main question: "Why?"

Before I answer it, you should understand that Linux is very friendly to just Windows system. To install the Linux does not require either a single computer, or even a separate hard drive (HDD), just need a little push back just Windows, freeing disk space 10-15 GB of space. With the current size of discs is quite a bit.

Cohabitation just Windows and Linux on one disk looks as if in a communal apartment to the general sat a second lieutenant. Just Windows simply does not see the section occupied by Linux. A Linux knows where that is just Windows, allows you to read and modify just Windows files and folders, copy them and share with just Windows data. So in the case of an accident Linux will save valuable files with just Windows partition. Moreover, he set his boot and will load just Windows in the first place (if you want).

When the time comes to reinstall just Windows, the new version overwrite the Linux boot and install the enterprise Windows. But it does not matter, Linux is not proud and can be run from flash drives, CD or floppy (if you remember what it is). When you run Linux you can easily restore it loader, allowing upload any number of operating systems.

So, we got pretty close to the answer. Here it is.

There is no need to decide, "pass" on Linux or \"Stay\" under the just Windows . You can simply have a second operating system Linux on the same hard drive (or on another drive if multiple).

Using Linux is convenient to access the Internet, send and receive email, upload and distribute programs and other files while talking on Skype, using ICQ and other communications capabilities. In short, everything that is related to the risk of "catching" viruses should be done under Linux. Under Linux is very well written: it is rich text editor useful devices, and they are quick and easy.

But if you want Word, then copy the text file the \"territory\" just Windows and enjoy your favorite processor. Even under the just Windows to work better in such programs as Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Corell Draw, and the like - on Linux, they do not work. If you are using maykrosoftovskim Office, do it in their native environment. The same applies to games.

Thus you will protect yourself from viruses and gradually learned another operating system - a skill worthless.

And a snack venture to suggest a distribution that is ideal for I have described the scheme.

This is the most popular worldwide Linux distribution - [url=http://shkolazhizni.ru/archive/0/n-28401/] Ubuntu 11,111,129. . Just download the latest version, today is Ubuntu 9.4. This simple distro focused on several Russian-speaking forums, where the friendly young people will respond to your most amateurish questions. Also available is the mass of articles, manuals and textbooks. It is only necessary to remember on Google and Yandex.