The Bat!: How to configure the mail program?

The Bat!: How to configure the mail program? The most common email programs (email clients) are Microsoft Outlook and The Bat!.

What is mailer ? With its help you can receive messages directly to your computer. That is, you do not need to go to the site, where you wound up a mailbox (for example, With e-mail program, you can just one click on the button to get all the message in your inbox, on your computer.

Another advantage of these programs is that they make it possible to get a letter from several accounts at once. For example, you have mailboxes (e-mail) on, and And in order to check their mailboxes in these systems, you need to go to each of these sites, enter the password, wait for page loads, etc., etc. These are all manipulations can take a long time.

And using your email program everything is much simpler: run the program, click on the button "Check all boxes and literally a minute program will check all your mailboxes and download from there all the letters (of course, this program must be properly configured, but more on that below) . Agree, it is much easier than by check each box individually.

In this article I'll detail how to configure your mail client The Bat! ("Die Fledermaus"). I myself use it because it is very easy to use.

About The Bat! I learned from his friend. Once we talked to him on ICQ, I said to him complaining that the past two weeks I can not configure the email program Microsoft Outlook, to which he replied: do not worry, the mood better than The Bat!, It is much easier.

Has I have this program, but with the configuration had to suffer. Letters can receive and send failed. What I did everything what the settings but not me - nothing helped! On the Internet, somehow all the pieces, did not really describe, everywhere the same, the standard description. Do not have helped even the instructions that are each postal service (,, 1,111,118. [/url] Etc.). By the way, these instructions are in the section "Help - Customize The Bat!. Maybe someone will be enough for what is written there.

I also had to solve the problem itself. Still, if you suffer for a long time, something happens! I have found, the catch was.

Because many encountered a similar error (this conclusion I did, thoroughly studied more than one forum), and respond to it specifically anywhere, then this article is just to help solve problems by using details instructions for setting up the Bat! .


Installs the program. Get it - no problem, the Internet is full of resources, where you can download. Mined? Installed? Now configure.

It should be in this program "lay" information about their e-mail-boxes. That will set them in turn. "Help" section of postal services describe how to configure your mail program specifically for each system, but there I was never able to find the answer to why I have not sent the letter. Okay, I will not have more than intriguing, will begin.

Set up e-mail program under mailboxes, and, as well as under personal.

Personal I call these boxes, which are connected with the name of your site (if you have one). That is, if at name of your mailbox, for example, is:, the owner of the site may have a box with the name of your site. For example, the name of my site, a box I call:, where my - the name I gave my box (by the way, you can have as many accounts as your hosting allows).

First I'll tell you how to configure mailbox with the name of your own site . For example, you must configure the box: (caveat: you'll first need to make this box on the server where the site is located (in the control panel site).

Step 1. Open The Bat!, In the top menu, find the section "box" - "New Mailbox", click.

Step 2. A window "Creating a new mailbox. Enter the name of the box for the mailer. It is best if this name will match the name of the e-mail. I will call box lichka. Click the button "Next".

3. , (Name and address of the e-mail), which will be used by default when you send your letters. These data will be visible to the recipient of your letter, that is it information about how, from whom received a letter. I pointed out his name, and e-mail - Come on.

Step 4. And now it has opened a window where you have to configured mail servers In which, in fact, will be sending and receiving mail.

1. Where is the recording of "To access the mail server to use the protocol: POP3, IMAP4, MAPI1, putting a checkmark POP3 (this server is used to 11,111,188. Get [/b] Mail).

2. Under "Server to receive mail" to enter the domain name of your site. As a rule, this column has been filled by the program. I have it:

3. The last column (intended for Send Letters) "The server address SMTP introduced, account , The address of your Internet service provider (that is, the firm with which you can surf the Internet), rather than the site's domain name (as is the default).

It was in that was my mistake: I left here the name of the site, which is why I have a letter and not send. But! You should not just specify the address of the provider and specify it with the word mail ahead. That is, it will look like this: the address of my ISP, in the column I write so -

4. We put a checkmark next to the inscription "My SMTP server requires auntetifikatsii", and click "Next".

5. In the next window, you must specify a user name and password of the mailbox. The data you already have, you have recorded them, when it created the mailbox on the server site. Just enter the user name should be in this format: (ie fully addressed, not just the first word before the @). Come on.

6. In the last box to the question "Do you want to check all the mailbox?" Put a tick next to appropriate response - "No" or "Yes", pressing the button "Finish". I clicked "No", as tweaking box will be then. But some things still need to configure right now.

7. In the upper left corner of the window you have a box you created.

8. Now, will establish the remaining settings. Right-click on your inbox, you will see a window menu. In it, in the end, find the section "Account Settings" and click on it.

9. In the window in the upper left menu, find the section "Transport" and click on it with the mouse.

10. And here, top right, next to "Send Mail", click "Authentication".

The Bat!: How to configure the mail program? 11. In the new window to tick the box marked "Authentication POP before SMTP . Galochka should already be in the box marked: "Authentication SMTP (RFS-2554) and" Use the settings to get the mail (POP3/IMAP). Squeezes "OK", and again (in another window) "OK".

All one mailbox we have set. To check if it works, try to give the program a command check the mailbox on the server (ie, try to get incoming mail).

1. For this again the right mouse button click on the box and find the section "Get new mail", click.

The Bat!: How to configure the mail program? 2. A window appears where there is a description of the operation. If the box is empty, then after a few seconds, the window should disappear and if there is a letter, the program starts to download them (it does not take much time), but instead of zero, and the question mark appears a figure equal to the number of new messages on the server.

If the program will give some error, it means you are something not configured with incoming mail. But as a rule, no errors detected.

The Bat!: How to configure the mail program? To check, sent Does the letter, click on the top menu on the word "Letter", and then - "Leave".

In the window that appears in the column "To" enter the name of your box (ie you send a letter to themselves), and in the column "Topic" write, for example, "Checking".

Then click on the box with the letter and the green pointer pointing upward (or press F2).

The Bat!: How to configure the mail program? Window appears the operation. It should be written, that connection to the server is successful, and moments later a letter will be sent.

If the error message "Connection to server can not" or "Server reports that he was not ready, check your settings again. There are times when an antivirus program (eg, [url=] Kaspersky 11,111,185.) Blocks the execution of this task. In this case, setting the antivirus program to find the point where there is a "Permitted actions" and add your email program.

The Bat!: How to configure the mail program? Now check the mail - there should be your letter.

Similarly configured 11,111,188. mailboxes [/b] with services such as,, (And others). The only difference is that in step 4, where you want to specify the server to receive messages (ie, "incoming mail"), written here that (depending on the service): (or

Where to ask "Username" - enter only the first part, to @. For example, a mailbox on Yandex, and the settings, you can simply nata. A password specifies the one who asked you to check this box for a particular service.

If you have multiple accounts, you can check them all at once, by pressing Alt-F2.