How to choose a platform for a blog? Free options

How to choose a platform for a blog? Free options So you finally decided to create 1,111,112. blog [/url] and do not know where to start? It's no wonder the popularity of blogging in Russia is large enough and, believe me, this is far from the limit. Russian Internet, or, as it is called, Runet, literally riddled with all sorts of proposals to create your own blog!

That's really where really easy to get lost in the World Wide Web. To alleviate your "suffering" and directed to the right path, I decided to write this article, which try to explain what are the platform for blogs, to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

First and foremost, for themselves to decide what you need to blog and what purpose you plan to achieve when you use it. If you just want to communicate, to enter into this or that community, dedicated to the topic that interests you, then this one. If you have ambitious plans and want to use your blog to help grow their business, that is to make money with your blog, it is quite another.

There are two ways to create a blog: a free blogging service and paid hosting. Let's look at both options.

How to create a blog on a free blogging service?
This is the easiest and cheapest way. To access the blog here, just go easy registration procedure - and all ready to blog, you can deal with its content. Below I will cite a few examples of free blog services with a small description of their capabilities and audience.

 LiveJournal (ЖЖ) – самый многочисленный и авторитетный не только в Рунете, но и во всем мире блог-сервис. Живой Журнал - Is an online community social network. This is a place for expression. Audience very different - from schoolchildren and to the known, respected people. Among them, such as Dmitry Medvedev - Russia's president, Nick Perumov - science fiction writer, Semak Bogdanovich - football, etc. Perhaps because of such popularity of the service, it is here that your listing will read much earlier than on other platforms. - Blog service for blogging within the portal Provides an opportunity of blogging to anyone who has received the mailbox in the domains,,, The youngest in terms of audience, intended only to kill time. Find here something useful is extremely difficult. was originally conceived as a system of online diaries, which remains to this day. The most "vital" and "emotional" service. About him say: 'Dairy - the warmest place, which can be found in the web. The main audience of women - 70% men, respectively - 30%. The average age of 16 to 25 years. If you want dushetrepatelnyh life stories, then you will here.

There are many other, slightly less popular free blogging services. Here are some of them:

- LiveInternet;
- Love Planet;
- Hello! Py;
- Blog py;
- Rambler Planeta;
- Blogging on the

Daily updated blog rating service, you can see by clicking on the link

Like create a blog free, we have found. Now about the pros and cons of free blog services.

  No investment funds 11,111,135. . As you've seen, creating a blog is easy and, importantly, free.
Easy blogging
. Maintain this blog will have no difficulty. Fill out the short form, press the button "Post" - and your entry published. It is possible to insert images, view comments and some elementary functions.
The rapid progress blog
. Fast indexing in search engines, ie, after the publication of a new record, she'd come to the attention of search engines. At the initial stage is a good help for the promotion of your blog. But we must not forget that these same bloggers, like you, thousands!
Update without your involvement
. The software update will happen automatically without your participation. This is a concern for programmers service.

  Low functionality . The functionality of your blog is very limited. You get the average "castrated" blog, as everyone, and that any change on their own, you can not. However, there is one thing - go to a paid account. This is partially untie your hands, but agree that it will not be a free blog service!
Standard design
. On the beautiful appearance of your blog can not count. All you can offer - a few simple ones design options, it does not give your blog solidity.

  Bulky domain name . When you register you are given the opportunity to choose a domain name, but, first, it will be the third level, for example Secondly, the large number of users of blogging to find a suitable free name will be hard.
Lack of rights to your blog
. Назвать блог, созданный на бесплатном блог-сервисе, своим собственным крайне сложно, так как формально вашим здесь являться только контент . So all your work censored by the administration of service and if your mutual interests will diverge, it may eventually reach that a blog can simply close it.
The presence of extraneous advertising
. How to pay for what you are using free services, the administration of blog service reserves the right to display the pages of your blog to advertise, which can fundamentally disagree with the view of your activities.
Limiting commercial 0,000,003. on his blog.