Will robots are true friends of man?

Will robots are true friends of man? It is no secret that robotics is rapidly expanding throughout the world. True, mostly modeled electronic versions of insects and animals.

For example, in the intelligence used by various types of electronic flying insect. A scientist from the U.S., Berkeley, Ron, has created a fly-flying robot, which weighs only 43 milligrams! How you? But even with such a weight in it mounted video camera.

Many have heard about the legendary Japanese robot dog Aibo, manufactured by Sony. After all, with the advent of this particular robot, and began, in principle, the fashion house robot pets. This puppy, with integrated 64-bit processor, is able to memorize different commands due to the flash memory card. Here's another robot puppy, which the English company RoboScience, can carry about 60 voice commands and is equipped with operation system Windows, as well as have access to the World Wide Web, with built-in Wi-Fi. Another, 60-inch anthropomorphic robot Robosapien V2, can not only bowling, but also distinguishes between color and controls the robotic dinosaur Roboraptor.

There are 1,111,112. fish-robots 1,111,115. That mimic the behavior of these fishes, besides even with them you can play fishing.

If you remember Steven Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence", there was a unique boy. Unlike other robots, he knew how to love. The question was - and is it possible to create such an android? And it is precisely this issue took up a lot of scientists from different countries, although most actively moving in that direction, Japanese researchers.

In truth, most of the highly intellectual 1,111,114. Robots 1,111,115. were created in Japan. Take the robot android Asimo. He was released Corporation Honda. This robot - the most expensive in the world. Besides the fact that he understands human gestures and is able to shake hands at the meeting, he goes, understand human speech and, when talking to him, turns his head toward the speaker.

Russian scientists have not gone away. They also created the androids produced by the St. Petersburg firm "New Era". This two android: man and woman Arneo Arnea. They are able to distinguish and understand the 40 voice commands and moving better than their foreign counterparts.

In theory, the robot is able to survive the man for several hundred years, and possibly more, but only if the materials from which it is collected, will be heavy-duty. As is known, the robot does not need food, air, sleep, rest. To work around the clock, he may not suffer with fatigue. All he needs - a constant source of energy and charge, which will prolong his life. " Here in this is the main drawback.