Building a computer: what critical errors are most often?

Building a computer: what critical errors are most often? To say that the computer is easy to assemble, it is impossible. Just like to say that the computer is difficult to collect.

Like any business, to build a PC must be handled responsibly. And here is true proverb: "look before you leap". In my practice I have seen many instances of illiterate computer assembly. And these cases were very low point for the owners. After such assemblies quickly broke down motherboards, RAM, hard disk drives. And the processors without tears was impossible to watch.

In this article I would like to tell about the four most common errors that occur at building a computer . It does not matter, a professional collector is made or a beginner. Such errors can make and the one and another. So, we set:

 Incorrect connection of the front USB.
As you know, on the front panel are USB-connector, which during assembly of the computer connected to the motherboard. Products corps took care of their convenient location for user comfort - no need to crawl under your desk to connect flash drive . In case of incorrect connection of the motherboard any connected to this jack devays simply fail. No matter fleshka it for 500 rubles, or cell phone for 8000. And therefore when building a computer, pay special attention to this. Sadly it would be because of the negligence of losing the phone.

 Improperly connected hard drive.
Modern 1,111,116. Hard drives [/url] come with connectors SATA. To connect it using loop and data adapter for power supply. Here is how you connect this adapter can happen unexpectedly. Although the connector is the key for proper connections, there are craftsmen who can manage to connect the opposite. Despite the fact that for such procedures need much effort. As a result of wrong connection fade electronics board hard disk.

 An error occurred while installing the motherboard in the case.
This error happens only in very inexperienced. When buying a computer case in a set, you get the so-called shells. They are attached to the body, they bear the motherboard and screwed to them already. So, would-be collectors do not use the cartridges, put the motherboard directly on the iron and bolted to it directly. After turning on the computer boards often fade. And it is in the best case. Sometimes worse.

 Incorrect connection of the video card.
If the first three errors may require additional costs, then this error is eliminated without any consequences. There are 1,111,118. Video [/url] That come with additional food. The bug is that during assembly forget to connect the ribbon cable for additional power supply. This is evident when running some kind of game - everything slows down and buggy. To resolve this problem, you need to open the case and only connect the ribbon cable for additional power supply to the video card.

After all these causes problems is the time to draw conclusions. If you decide to build a computer with your hands, it is worth paying attention to it. Of course, those engaged in assembling of computers, so to speak, professionally, rarely make such mistakes, but they have similar mistakes happen.

So if you buy a computer in the store, ask the seller to check your computer efficiency. Turn it on, see how it works. Run some graphical utility. Check the front USB-ports on the performance, by connecting any devices. Of course, not his. Let it make the seller. And if something is burned, you have nothing to do with it.