Why not recommend using MS FrontPage to develop web sites?

Why not recommend using MS FrontPage to develop web sites? They say the easiest to criticize. Perhaps this is so. And certainly there are opponents of the text that will prove the opposite. And I did not lift up their words with the dogma and do not pretend to be the great guru. Just generalising own experience. And as a result of my own experience I have concluded - to use MS FrontPage to design a good site can not. This editor is perfect for editing simple HTML pages without putting some of their internet access.

In the world of software programmers narozhali great number of HTML-editors, built on the principle of WYSIWYG, which stands for «What You See Is What You Get» (To, what you see, you get). For Microsoft FrontPage more correctly be translated as "No matter what you see, you still get nothing.

Like any other child of Microsoft, this program has a very capricious "nature". In general, all Microsoft products like condoms - no one likes, but all use. While there are worthy alternatives.

But let us return to our sheep.

The main drawback of MS FrontPage - the irrepressible desire to think and solve all of the developer. Although, it is simply a program designed to meet the needs of mainstream users, and not man. But personally, I feel irritated when I program keeps an idiot. The program assumes that the user is absolutely unable to write HTML code itself, and therefore the program should do it for him, while giving rise to a large number of unnecessary, redundant formatting tags. So, if earlier (before 2000) FP98 everywhere inserted tag [b] FONT 1,111,117. Then inserts a tag anywhere FrontPage2002 [b] SPAN 1,111,117. .

The first issues FrontPage shock left an impression: 1 kilobyte of text output gave 1 megabyte debris. The program urging on the page under their unknown standards, forgetting about the W3C. FrontPage is a "gag" and put in so many unthinkable code that affects the speed of loading pages. This, of course, sin, many visual html-editors, but Microsoft FrontPage is leading by a wide margin.

After creation, destruction and re-create any visual object on the web-page, FrontPage does not clean the remnants of the previous, already a remote element, bringing the number of "phantom" code snowballs.

Another remarked that the FrontPage 2000 problem even with the tag [b] P 1,111,117. For example, if the alignment is aligned on the center and the entire text of the page.

Frames HTML, allowing split page into several windows, some browsers do not display or display incorrectly. And although the tools for creating training editor of FrontPage Editor make it possible to specify the mode in which the contents page is reproduced with the help of these browsers, this mode can preview the page and judge the correctness.

Building a table in FrontPage, it is very hard to create desired. FrontPage, analyzing the page, may find such parts of it, which it considers to be inaccurate, or they do not meet his standards, the unknown, and changes them, thus ruining the entire document.

And if your finished page, use the form, it is better not open it in FrontPage. I give 90% of what your form after you save will not work.

Irritating (even in the new version of FP) weak support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS-cascading style sheets), designed to separate the description of the appearance of Web-pages of their information content. To create your own style pages the user has to resort to additional tools such as Windows Notepad.

Did not escape the new version and the problems with the use of effects. Not all the effects work correctly in your browser, viewed in the mode of Preview, and that in the browser everything is ok, not always possible to guess.

And, incidentally, about browsers, FP - «imprisoned" under IE. Accordingly, in other browsers constantly having problems with the site, written with the use of FP.

As a child of the previously mentioned Microsoft, FrontPage has inherited this feature, as pugnaciousness with other programs that do not support the selected technologies Microsoft, but rather widely distributed in the market. And sometimes even with their own "family". For example, if you have installed MS Office 2000, and you want to put separately FrontPage XP, then get ready for the problems with Word and Excel.

Any professional developer uses. Htaccess and I highly recommend wary of Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. In late 1997 and early 1998, a huge number of web-servers have been hacked. All they have used Microsoft Frontpage Extensions. The problem with Microsoft Frontpage Extensions was that given the default installation of Frontpage was not safe, especially in the unix version. A large number of servers that support Microsoft Frontpage Extensions, was left without a password or a permitted administrative rights to each group, including anonymous connections.

And about hacking. More recently, the hacker group from Brazil, known as the Silver Lords, was broken three web sites with Microsoft, where, according to the crackers, they were used well-known vulnerabilities in Web server, Microsoft IIS, discovered in June 2001. For hacking sites they had used a vulnerability in one component of a Web server Microsoft IIS FrontPage Server Extensions.

More examples? Please. 24-year-old company employee Cwis, the largest Internet provider of Oklahoma, helping friends to build their site, came across a gap in the protection of a web-site of the newspaper Poteau Daily News. Working in Microsoft FrontPage, West discovered that the site of the newspaper does not require any identification or password to edit any file on the server - again, thanks to Microsoft Frontpage Extensions.

Although Microsoft beats his hoof in his chest, claiming that FrontPage - this is a professional package, I would argue that it is not. But if your only goal is to create a home page with a photograph and biography, the FrontPage enough for the eyes.