What is Powerline Communications (PLC)? Access to the Internet through the outlet

What is Powerline Communications (PLC)? Access to the Internet through the outlet Each room has sockets, or even several, but not everyone knows that they can be used for high-speed information exchange. The exchange is not between you and the socket - this information is at least 220 volts and informative, but to us it is useless. But to connect to the Internet without any problems from any corner, where there is a socket - is convenient and mobile. And now even possible thanks to technology Powerline Communications (PLC).

That is now two holes most ordinary wall socket, you will receive not only electricity but also data - all in one thread. To access the Internet, simply insert the usual outlet small PLC-modem-like device for charging the mobile phone. In the modem has a standard connector for a computer cable, and only need to connect a PC to this connector to start downloading data from the Internet.

PowerLine technology is based on the frequency separation of signals transmitted over the power cable lines, where high-speed data stream is divided into several low-speed, each of which is transmitted on a separate frequency, followed by their amalgamation into a single signal.
Thus, "normal" electric system can simultaneously deliver power and data on one circuit (line). This PLC-devices can "see" and decode the information.

Connecting to the Internet in this innovative technology called Broadband over power lines (BPL).
Unlike DSL-connection through home networking technology allows more people have broadband Internet access for this user's computer simply connect to the mains.

Technology PLC - the cheapest way to create a home network, so it does not require the user to install additional power cables and allows you to connect to a network PLC residents of a neighborhood. A master device can provide access to the Internet via the PLC for 500 users. To do this, users should have in his apartment adapter devices that contain modems PLC.

Of course, the most successful projects for broadband access through electricity sold in the U.S. - at home online.
Known companies such as New Visions (New York), Communications Technologies (Virginia), Cinergy (Ohio).
In Germany, PLC offer Vype; Piper-Net and PowerKom; in Austria - Speed-Web; in Sweden - ENkom; in the Netherlands - Digistroom; in Scotland - Broadband.

In 2005 and in the Russian Federation has begun the deployment of access networks to the Internet through household electrical network technology PLC.
Access to the Internet is evolving, and soon, even at his dacha, where there is no telephone and cable lines, you can connect to the Internet.