Will robots are true friends of man?

Will robots are true friends of man? Robotics is developing rapidly worldwide. Most simulated electronic versions of animals and insects.

In exploration, a very widely used various types of electronic flying insect. In the U.S., for example, one of the scientists of the University of Berkeley Ron Firingom was established fly flying robot weighing just 43 milligrams! With such a small weight and a miniature video camera mounted to it yet.

And who does not know the legendary Japanese dog-robot Aido corporation Sony. It is with the advent of this robot actually started the fashion for domestic robots "friends". In the "puppy" embedded 64-bit processor, but it is able to memorize commands via electronic memory on a flash card. Another robot puppy, an English company RoboScience, model RS-01 can carry about 60 voice commands, has the operating system Windows, as well as access to the Internet, using the built-in Wi-Fi. 60-inch anthropomorphic robot Robosapien V2 is able to play bowling, distinguish colors and controls of a robot dinosaur Roboraptor. Fish-robots of different types mimic the behavior of these fish with them you can play fishing.

Remember the movie by Steven Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence", there was a unique robotic boy named David, he possessed qualities that were not given the usual robots - he knew how to love. Is it possible to create such an android? Machines are not given love.
However, in spite of everything, it is a challenge taken by many scientists from different countries. The most actively being worked on Japanese researchers. Generally speaking, most high-intelligence robots were collected just in Japan. Remember the robot android Asimo, which has released a corporation Honda - is probably the most expensive in the world of robots. He understands human gestures and can shake hands when they met, knows how to walk, to understand human speech and knows how to turn his head toward the speaker.

Of course, and Russian scientists have not been left behind in this matter. We too have their androids, issued by the St. Petersburg "New Era". Android-man named Arneo and android-woman named Arnea. They understand about 40 voice commands and can go no worse overseas robots.

Theoretically, the robot can survive man a few hundred years or more, provided of course that the materials from which it will be made, will be heavy-duty. After all, the robot does not need food, air, sleep, rest, he can work around the clock, without feeling tired. The only thing it needs - a constant source of energy, recharge, which will prolong his life. This course is the main drawback of these "creatures".