What if the old logs take up too much space?

What if the old logs take up too much space? At one time, many are faced with old magazines and newspapers. I am one of them. Have accumulated a lot of magazines are incredibly different subjects. They have come to occupy too much space, and it is no longer archive, and dust, and with a very difficult search engine, more precisely with its complete absence.

There is only one: if there is something, do it yourself! So, do the archive. We need a scanner, computer, software (eg, Adobe Acrobat), some free time (tea/coffee).

At first look, that are going to save - it may be liked the article or the entire room. The first scan the title page and table of contents without him nothing, then everything else. If this is all right to do in Acrobat, then get ready to archive file in pdf, which is very convenient on catalog and store.

  Files is better to call the full names, I recommend to specify the number of the magazine and the release date and, if so, the name of top-themes. Himself same then it will be easier to look for it in the archive.

I recommend to make the picture as the cover sheet. Now we have a complete set: the file with the contents and the image title. Put it all in one folder and now you can resort to fantasy.

If you make a simple html page with a list of archive and at the same time break all the subject areas you get a very handy archive. In addition, all this looks nice and can be placed on the Internet or local network. Make it your homepage very easy. If you have basic knowledge of html, then the program will help us Home Site, but if you do not know html, you will assist in the FrontPage program from Microsoft. Work in the last no different from working in MS Word. And on the basis of what you can even publish.

If the file on your computer has to take up too much space, then just burn it to a "reusable" drive, so that you could easily be refill archive. Make it help or standard means of MS Windows XP, a program of Ahead Nero.

All this seems too ambitious work, but believe that when you save it all in the required form, you quietly discard all paper logs and free up a lot of places in the house under a pile of other useful things! And now you want a magazine, if that, you can simply print it.