Why learn online?

Why learn online? Internet. Convenience server ensure smooth operation of one of the most sensitive sites - dating site. Six million of its users continuously send a letter waiting for a reply and hope. A hundred thousand of them are on the site in any given moment, and actively communicate with each other. Let's look at one of these correspondences.

- Madumazel, I do not look old,
And I have no traction to alcohol,
And the lungs do not breathe fumes,
Only smoke the best cigarettes.

I'm lonely, but his heart is not made of steel,
Income is not a big warms my pocket.
Application embodies your You got me -
It is like a historical novel.

- What to say - you are a serious man,
Yes, but that's not like fate
But there are all sort of reason.
Some tell us about yourself.

- I tell myself do not mind,
I love beef stew with peppers,
I also like hunting and fishing,
And without the latter - I can not.

Mademoiselle, spring is not far off
Planting and sowing vegetables time.
What like to do in the evenings?
Well, for example, that do yesterday?

- My ideal, of course - Michael Jackson
Especially when the entire screen:
I love movies, I love to have sex,
And sometimes not averse to the restaurant.

- And my soul is crying at night,
It does not priberut in hand,
And I, Madame, ma-ka-ya dacha
And next to her - she deep-ment pond!

It even has, and crayfish, and mollusks,
I swear I would have liked them to you!
Madumazel, as in French?
Looking for something, well, Cherche la femme.

- Your interests are diverse,
I am concerned about the finer details:
And how many of you, monsieur, live weight?

- Yes, under 70 pounds,
- A pity


- Hello! I - Marina. I'll give brief.
The site I at six and seven.
Looking for love and a way to communicate
With really interesting people.

- Salut, Marina! How do you work?
What is in it you have seniority?
I have half an hour looking at your photo.
You 47, but this does not give.

- Experience 25 natikaet in April,
Not talking about work on the side.
So, I consider you a clear,
What until you tell me.

Because I do not see your appearance,
At least send a gift to her.

- And I, Marina - not photogenic
And once pictures do not give.

But nothing we do differently
I'm in their decisions rested.
Marina! I did ta-ka-ya caravan!
And tomatoes, juicy as hell!

- Well I know these conversations
My brother mercilessly plows in the village,
And I love, of course, tomatoes,
But - as a salad on the holiday table.

Seasonal work I do not loom
(Leaving hawking a few weeks).
One question: where's your caravan?
I suppose it to distant lands.

- But, far from city noise,
Nature upsets the creeps.
You will not find this weed:
Upryachesh body - long and not be found.

- I thought, man you are stupid,
But the communication in the veins of blood-curdling:
He describes me at all the corpses,
I told him, cooing about love!

- Marina! I won a dream:
That someone was near during the day,
Even the hose there was not hold,
And it is quite long to me.

Tears all, when the pressure lifted,
I ride around, as Dr. Aibolit,
Yesterday, on the trunk of injured knee
Infection, is still sore:



- I want to live to introduce you, Tonya!
Delighted I am on your beautiful eyes,
They dump - and one villain, sink,
And I would have drowned right now.

- What is the pressure, my friend, what talk!
Why linger, my bunny, go!
I'm all in flames! Arrange a meeting!
We Intourist, I think, will approach 11,111,131.

- Excuse me, Tonya, I'm not with those positions,
I Intourist think expensive.
Oh, Tonya, allow time off,
And talk to someone else:


- I was a fatal attraction for you, Natasha!
And his heart jumped into his chest.
I have nothing until you stunned
But, I assure you, this is ahead.

You just - shine in front and below,
I admired you from the heart,
You're good, the beautiful Marquise!
Incredibly, as you well!

[b] - You with me chatting cute
And I talk wildly confused
God sent the crow a piece of cheese,
And because it zakarkala.

- I want, Natasha, to share with you:
When I slept, without opening his eyes,
I dreamed playful tiger
At the same blue-gray skirt, as you have.

- Keeps you mysterious game
And a tigress - the crisis of the head.
I have been searching for the tiger
So is it really you?

- Of course I am, but how can it be otherwise?
It would just kissed you!
And I, Madame, ma-ka-ya caravan!
And there is a spacious basement.

- Today I am very touched,
Flow of thoughts burdened.
About your cottage thought midnight
And even bought seeds.