How do the Live Journals on our lives?

How do the Live Journals on our lives? The name came in second, but there's a lot of things hidden. This is my second month as a student of Live Journals, and now - it's time to write extensive material.

Just want to say that over the past few months I had seen about 500 blogs and 300 of them read. As you can see, this is a rather large figure, so I was able to make a definite conclusion on the basis of what they have seen and read. However, to better understand the problem "is useful if your blog" had yet to read the materials on the Internet.

For many, LJ has become a lifestyle. There is some truth, but not so simple. If you read the diary closely, you can see a pattern: people they write about their troubles and some mistakes in life, rather than trying to please the reader. Often people want to be pitied and vyplesnuv hurt the paper (and, as we know, is suffering), he gets rid of the problem internally. Total a couple of years ago the Internet was not so popular, and no such thing as a blog does not exist. Therefore the problems people had in himself, but if it was necessary to throw them, then either call your friends who may have pitied or start doing things you love, which helps get rid of the accumulated grievances.

In the diaries they write about their problems - the way it is. During his "walking" on the blogging space, I saw only a dozen diaries, which were really positive.
If you dwell on the open voicing their point of view, there must be very careful. After all, every word in the world is a response. Therefore, if you criticize someone in LJ, then you can be sure that words matter, not simply invented, based on any facts. Sometimes the same people write the dirt is totally unreasonable, and therefore the blogosphere in no case be considered at least some new kind of media. But of all the rules there are exceptions.

For example, if we recall the events in America, more specifically, Hurricane Katrina, the media were separated from the events in New Orleans, and only through the blog of one man, many newspapers receiving pictures and his personal record. That's only in this case can be considered LiveJournal view the media when, through him, these media can obtain information, and information to confirm the authenticity of photographs.

If we talk about the fact that many stars and politicians are their Live Journals, here we can only talk about advertising, and again, no one knows who wrote in these journals. After all, anyone can register under the name of Zhirinovsky or Pavlov, and write information about related to the life of this man. After all, to verify the accuracy is rather difficult. The only thing which can be truthful information - that in those magazines, which openly declare themselves in public, their authors. For example, if one of the singers of the band "Shiny" said that "I am", then the way it is. But whether she wrote it herself, and not someone for it - is another question.

Or, for example, take Sergei Lukyanenko. He also has its own LJ, and he leads his own. In a virtual diary of the famous Russian writer, wrote about his travels and past events, expressed their views in relations between Russia and Ukraine. As you can see his blog - it is not just "complain rights around the world, and his own view on this or that action.

In my opinion, LiveJournal - is another type of self-promotion. Look at how many people advertise their identity in blogs. For example, I caught one LiveJournal girl photographer from Canada, which were posted photographs of her. Of course, to show the world their creations - it is necessary, but if anyone notices, then the job offer can be good. See, even a blog by Sergei Lukyanenko can be considered self-promotion. The more a writer expresses himself, the more they know about him. By the way, Lukyanenko - one of the most readable Members area LJ.

If we talk about the obvious merits, the blogosphere has given us the open literature. For example, already a lot of books written on LJ. One example - a "Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny kitchen. The book is about how a young woman decided for 365 days prigotovit524 dishes from the classic cookbook. As you can see from LJ there is still good.
By the way, Livejournal registered people like Maxim Potashev and Alexander Druz, Boris Grebenshchikov and Zemfira, Max and Nick Fry Perumov, and even Valeria Novodvorskaya leading his LiveJournal.

Another benefit of a blog - this unlimited field for creativity. In LJ you can write poetry, hang out their stories, videos, and share them with society. You'll see, if you priglyaneshsya who may, in time and become famous.

But there are drawbacks. You should start, especially with the fact that information extracted from LJ, not possible to check, so the newspaper is very rarely taken to quote someone's Living Magazines. On the theme of "Learn - a full field of media, or not?" Already written enough scientific papers, and yet no one could say that the blogosphere - is a complete media, which can be used without fear that you take unverified information.

The next huge minus - is the Albanian language used by the blogosphere. Words such as "the author is cool", "LOL", "darof", "Hello Bear", "cool", "ftemu, tightly come into our lives, and now you can hear them everywhere. Even when the state action was carried out in Russia "Ask the President", then the third place came the question: "Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich! How do you feel about the Bear? ".

I would not be surprised if soon teachers will soon begin to correct errors of pupils in the words "ischo", "shchaste", "cool" and others. Just when a lot of sitting at the computer and run your fingers across the keyboard at a great speed, the words, talks to himself, is automatically stored. And if you ever see them even on the screen, memorize.

You wondered how much time is spent on something to fill LiveJournal? Pretty much, I'll tell you. To tell you the number, I myself started a LiveJournal, and decided that in order to bring the blog in the proper form, you need to spend at least several hours a day. And a week is about 12 hours, and it turns out that one day in your life you spend in the blogosphere, trying to make his magazine a popular and readable. Even if you take the paper diaries that are so love to a girl, then they have spent only a half an hour before bedtime, to record the most interesting and vivid in the past day or even week. And most importantly, the paper diary does not need to make popular. He just yours, and thought there just for you, you should not show them all.