Can I get another globe? The whole truth about LiveJournal

Can I get another globe? The whole truth about LiveJournal Recently, the network all has become increasingly popular so-called LiveJournal ( - a free environment of expression and communication, online diary and interactive community.

According to the creators of LiveJournal, « - Web site and online community, built on the basis of personal journals, was established in March 1999, a young student, Brad Fitzpatrick, studying computer science ... The idea proved so successful that soon became a major LiveJournal website, cope with that one person was no longer a force. As a result, a team of volunteers under the guidance of the creator of LiveJournal LJ turned to the site, which won Webby (Webby Award), and which has millions of registered accounts from people all over the world. "

The success of LJ explained, in my opinion, two things: ease of use and the fact that someone has aptly called "cross-pollination": an ingenious idea to absorb into your journal entries of all the people who sympathize with the owner.
There was no LJ and similar services, anyone who has something to say (whether to lay out the memory of his beloved grandmother, or extol the beauty of lily of the valley in the stormy night, then I admire uletnoy music group, or curse the incompetent parliament should ...), was to attend to the creation of its home page, in common parlance - houmpagi (Home page) or simply "hamster". That is to master the minimum information on the web construction, paint the background and fonts, to arrange images, and learn how to find a hosting service to upload there by creatives. And in order to receive feedback, and even to tie there guestbook. But all this takes time, and not only physical, but also the internet publication time, which is worth the money and not all available in adequate measure.
And, even overcoming all of this, the owner of houmpagi "with horror realized: the most difficult - it does not make the page and bring it to the reader! And he began to nagging procession on someone else's guest, leaving hundreds of miserable record: "buddy, you Freaky Page, and now look to me ...». The situation is reminiscent described in the "Republic ShKiD" coffee boom, when the pupils produced more magazines than in the school were students, and the reader was a deficit!

All these difficulties and obstacles phenomenon Learn shallower one heroic swing. Understand the special html-language no longer need to seek accommodation for too ... Just open a Live Journal, and ... gone! Write the text in the window, Click the button, and your account I read all those who put you in the list of "friends to"! And not only read, but immediately otkommentiruyut, it happens that the "tail" comment crosses over a hundred. The main part of the magazine owner puts it wants: the diaries, tricks and sayings of children, memoirs, criticism and read and seen, salad recipes, reflections on the cruel fate of their country and so on. And they want to see what they write friends, even if they had a hundred, two hundred, three hundred ... 500 ... it should open a hundred, two hundred ... 500 journals, but only one of his friend-tape.

Of course, not everything they write every day, so to read daily to 500 records I do not have. A reading of a dynamic, ongoing, like life itself, friend-bands rather reflects the issues of the day: the waves diverge account of the burning news, "trendy" books and films on the eve of tape is replete with pictures and greetings, and after the holidays can be read quite- still funny statements about the incident and to revive their advice about the brine!
You can ask a question, ask for advice, and be sure - you'll get advice, and not one.
The terms "Friend" and "Friend-to-tape rather clumsy, but replace the word" Friend "with the word" friend "is not quite correct: Friend to Learn - is not necessarily a friend, is someone I want to read, regardless of the personal to him sympathy, and sometimes even in the presence of severe personal and political antipathy.

 LJ will be read by all who held it by the list of friends to do. However, this requires that these potential buddylist somehow learned of the existence of a new colleague? That is some kind of "campaign", a sort of promotion of the new LJ still had to spend?
Learn SEO is herself an avalanche: I never have a blog does not advertise, do not untwist a single word! Frankly, I did led him to two or three friends, not to write them the same letter (for example, a story about any trip, event, etc.). First of all, the man looks around in LJ and puts someone to buddylist first - and those by reading his magazine, also add it (or not add, it's not reciprocal action). People are divided with each other interesting links, and besides, read friend-bands of each other. As a result, I read more than 3000 people from a variety of countries. And this is the complete absence of some intentional "promotion".

In addition, there is such a utility, as a community. Here, too broad spectrum, like a Cossack trousers: from communities of different sciences and fields of knowledge to the community "all gored !...» (it sounds a little different), then community and the opponents of extinction in the press the letter" E "and its replacement by "e", and lovers of yoghurt, and a variety of different degrees passionarity patriots and lovers of Mumm-trolls, and pique vests, and tortured women to men, and vice versa, and clubs in cities and communities to expose the scam, and communities themselves cheaters, etc . e. etc ...

Learn good order and that each creates a little "different Globe for his taste, that is, comrades chooses to read to him personally interesting directions. I can not say what kind of direction is definitely prevalent, though, because now LJ is so great that rare bird flies to his middle ... But most of all, perhaps, among the writing fraternity - journalists. In Russian journals (, a host of articles and notes about LJ and the famous LJ-users, with a very wide range of opinions, even curses and wails that "Learn to leave all the creativity and drive, though." Well, that's someone who has all but someone's got no ...

Nobody says that LJ is not villains, dirty dog, a brawler and just idiots. Yes. There is even the Nazis and other inhuman monsters. But unlike the forums and chat rooms, where the trash spoils the mood of everything - here you can simply not read. Do not see nor hear, do not smell, and even banned in his journal. Let them eat each other somewhere separately ...

LJ - a new and genre-specific, partly torn and discrete - it is podnevnye and spontaneously, and, depending on the mood of the master, records obtained by a multi-style, so I have no confidence that the "fresh" the reader can immediately evaluate someone's journal as an integrated whole, and not zavyaznet in a diary-type entries. Even the creator and Creative Producer intermit recording of an artistic type with records like "not enough sleep: again, this monster from the top all night learning to play the trombone." Then need a trained eye!
For fans of piercing and refined psychological prose suits magazine Виктории Райхер . Для желающих посмеяться и не боящихся крепких словечек – великолепный ЖЖ кота (кота!) по имени Скотина Ненужная ). Замечательно интересным жжурналом был журнал Виктория Борисовна Шинковская . It is [i] Virtual 11,111,115. - Fictional amazing lady, who generously shared experiences in a completely inimitable style. Much to our regret, has created this humorous image of 11,111,124. Tanya Marchant [/b] died ...
For lovers of poetry - the choice is very large, even dare to list, so many real, good poets.

Of course, this drop in the sea ... There are already 11,111,118. Publishing [/url] , Which publishes the paper the most interesting LJ. - I have a hard copy already have LJ 11,111,124. Katechkinoy, Lubomirski, Syrian, [/b] truly remarkable 11,111,124. Twilight 11,111,127. and others, and all this - a full good literature. But I love and peace, home of some people's diaries, which humorously and seriously just write about everyday life and clear the concerns, children, shopping and household chores.

If someone wants to find out where someone wrote the truth or not, dig up some hidden motives (and why they write, they want to become famous?) - It says more about their complexes and problems. And those who are willing and able to enjoy someone else's success - in LiveJournal same place.

In conclusion - some great pictures from LJ Kuznetsova (Акуаку ). Exceptionally talented pictures on the computer-blogging topic. Do not be scared at first glance incomprehensible words: if you think about it, everything is clear!
 Can I get another globe? The whole truth about LiveJournal

 Can I get another globe? The whole truth about LiveJournal

 Can I get another globe? The whole truth about LiveJournal

 Can I get another globe? The whole truth about LiveJournal