Why and how to write a SMS?

Why and how to write a SMS? Telephone long ago turned into a business tool, necessary thing a traveler and his assistant in his personal life.

Just as in the Internet the cheapest and most common way of sharing information by email - in the mobile network is the SMS. Short Message Service - Short Message Service - in fact a very powerful tool with various service functions.

The savings, compared with calls, up to 90%. And saved money - their money: so the saying goes, as well as saying a millionaire on the television show "DuckTales" Scrooge Mc Duck.

Similarly: Time is money - it means saving time - also a very profitable thing. A person can not answer the call for legitimate reasons, but read the message it will oblige the elementary curiosity, if we got a free minute.

A little knowledge and would be much closer to the country and state.
  Learn how to write very simple SMS : In the Messages menu - Create new. We print the message, pressing the appropriate key until until the desired letter.

If your telephone keypad no Russian letters - do not worry, there are British. After a couple of SMS you make sure that Russian characters are almost the same places, where the corresponding English. If your phone does not Russianize - it's easier!

After a point with a space automatically dial a capital letter. To put it in the beginning, there is usually a button or with an arrow up or marked with type of "AA", after you by the letters collected a capital letter.

If the most basic functions for reading and sending SMS you have mastered, bring the following information. Guinness Book of Records recorded the result of a set of SMS - 160 characters for 41 seconds.

Brief comments: set of messages in English letters can send the text "much longer" - after putting the two into one SMS, and in the absence of your recipient Cyrillic it is not unreadable characters.
Attention, old phones do not support and pasting messages, besides the cost of such a SMS will be equal to two SMS messages.

Unlike a call to SMS does not necessarily asking "Where are you?", But each phone has templates, which you can add your own for a quick dispatch of standard phrases.

  Now about the main : Just right to make a proposal in the SMS and the man himself will call you in response to your message. To do this it must be properly formed.

The first thing you should do - it is set up "proof of delivery» SMS. In the end, will come the report of the date and time of receipt of your message. His absence will tell you the technical problems the recipient SMS, or send a message, such as a local number.

The structure of the message folder mobile phone is similar to e-mail: Inbox, Outbox, Sent. There is a phone and address book.

Fill in your address book short name and enter the names of your recipients. If you write SMS in English or a transliteration, then the hot key find what number it is more convenient English signs. When writing SMS in Cyrillic Russian names in your address book is quite acceptable. If the address book is empty, when receiving SMS header displays an abstract number, not the name of the sender.

Compose your message as an ordinary e-mail, short, but understandable. Start with a greeting and treatment on behalf of, in the main part summarize the essence of the problem, issue, communication. End the message by its name, so that the recipient was confident that it has applied is you.

If you want to call you back at the phone with which you are sending SMS, please include a request for this, and the number of mobile phone comes in the beginning of the message. Another, business or home telephone quote the area code along the lines toll-free number: 80656234320. If you expect an international call, add the country code and the "plus" to access the network 380,501,953,134. In this case, when viewing a message, the phone itself will interlocutor your number in the message and select it. Subscriber will remain just press "call".

This technology makes it easy to use SMS including for calls on a mobile phone sender and recipient on a few keystrokes.

  Very useful to know To be supported by the operator, the rules set free SMS «Call me. It exists not all operators, but some support for multiple languages arrival of the message, they can be "encrypted" different questions and answers, or life situations, "without paying. If MTS subscribers dial * 104 * nomer_telefona * 03 #, the recipient will receive: Call me please. Call your operator and ask if he had such a service.

On the Internet there is always the possibility of sending free SMS from the form on the official site of your operator. If you do not know the operator, use the opportunity to send SMS c universal site, such as www.diwaxx.ru - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and many others.

It should find and format string remittance from phone to phone. These services are only available within the network. Including and for this reason should not accept requests from outside not only to call, but also to send SMS from your mobile phone. You can also send a request that you transferred money to the account.

Be sure to inquire about the availability of e-mail address for your phone: nomer@sms.operator.strana. This address may require activation by the operator, ie you agree to accept e-mail messages to a mobile phone.

  Finally a few jokes from the world of slang SMS messages to save space, are usually written without spaces. Hundreds of words have the equivalent of SMS, for example 2DAY = today (today), Y? = Why (why?).

The phrase from a school essay on "How I spent my summer?" Was written as follows: «We usd 2 go 2 NY 2C my sis