How to choose a network conditioner?

How to choose a network conditioner? It's no secret that most electronic equipment is damaged when it was on and off (especially at the time of inclusion. Generally for electronics - because of current surges and thermal expansion of electronic components - namely the inclusion of - the "little death"). Elements of the scheme tested with the shock effect, which resulted in damage to occur electronics components, and throws in the enabling and disabling current is a source of interference.

To protect electronic equipment (including PCs) are widely used so-called network conditioners that function as a voltage stabilizer and surge protector.

  Note: . Please note that the hundred-ruble extenders splitter, sold under the name "power strips" are not, - it is simply primitive extension cords, splitters. Protection from them no, it can be seen in price: real power conditioner can cost less than $ 100!

Many people underestimate the importance of network air conditioners, preferring to UPS (see How to choose UPS and can get along without him?). And, although some UPS have features of network air conditioners, the appointment of these devices are different, and one can not replace another. For users of most Russian power networks without the network of air conditioners is not enough.

Network conditioner is designed for reliable protection of audio and video equipment, PCs, computer peripherals and office equipment:
- From vacuum and high voltage network;
- From the dangerous build up of tension in the network;
- Surge and high frequency noise.

Network conditioner combines the two devices:
- Voltage;
- Surge protector.

Network conditioner consists of the following sites:
- Power transformer with adjusting taps;
- Controlled power switches;
- Microprocessor control unit;
- Suppression of network devices and pulsed high-frequency noise (power strip).

  How to choose a network conditioner
When choosing a network filter to keep in mind the following parameters:
- Level of protection that is required to provide;
- Total power of consumers planned to connect to the network conditioning (indicated as a rule, VA, for example, 700 VA, which corresponds to 500 W);
- The maximum total load current;
- Money supply (estimated on the basis of operating experience or studies electrical);
- Number and type of connectors for connecting consumers, etc.

When choosing a network conditioner should be based on a set of equipment that will connect to the device and the requirements for grounding. The presence of grounding in an electrical outlet is not required for most network conditioners. The quality of the stabilization scheme is not dependent on the presence or absence of grounding.