What is the Microsoft Knowledge Base and how to use it?

What is the Microsoft Knowledge Base and how to use it? What is the Microsoft Knowledge Base
 База Знаний Майкрософт (Knowledge Base Microsoft) содержит более 150.000 статей. Эти статьи были созданы тысячами специалистов службы поддержки Microsoft That address customer challenges associated with the use of software Microsoft. The Microsoft Knowledge Base is regularly updated, expanded and improved to provide users with access to the latest information.
Microsoft Knowledge Base article are sections Key words and Additional words queries. These words are used to facilitate and accelerate the search in the search query to Knowledge Base .
  How to make a request to the Knowledge Base
To search for pages in support Базе Знаний нужно воспользоваться Справкой и поддержкой . In the upper right corner (below the inscription Search Support Page (Knowledge Base) Specify in the text search field that we are looking for (using key words and more words for a query specific to the content you want to find). Change in drop-down list Support in Russian or Knowledgebase English and press Launch Search .
If using the query words or keywords are not running the expected results, use the other keywords and query words.
If the search results you are not satisfied, you can switch to Advanced search .

  Using keywords in your search for
Articles have a section Key words (End of article). Knowledge Base is large and constantly updated. To automate this work, the group responsible for managing Knowledge base Regularly adds to the article Knowledge Base keywords. These keywords can be used to search for articles relating to a particular problem.
For example, when searching for articles on dual-boot you can use the keyword 11,111,144. kbDualBoot [/i] , When searching for information on formatting - kbformat etc.