Short list of computer error, or what we were "misguided"? Part 3

Short list of computer error, or what we were "misguided"? Part 3 Inexpensive self-assembly of PC components purchased 11,111,129. . Another myth! If you buy accessories in a store, then the total cost of your compiled a PC tend to exceed the cost of finished PCs (with the same parameters) purchased in the same store.

  [b] "Gentleman" set of firmware
. "Gentleman" set of software - a minimal set of programs necessary for a full and comfortable working on your PC. Every user - sometimes until they were hoarse! - Stands in front of others about their "gentlemanly" set, but the debate is misplaced, because there is no accounting for tastes!

  Закон Мура. Знаменитый закон Мура in fact, is not quite accurate empirical relation. It is believed that the hype around Moore's Law - a clever marketing ploy Corporation Intel ...

   The program's interface: a user-friendly and intuitive . Sample expression in the advertising software products, often untrue! ..

   Using the PC . Half jokingly half seriously considered that 99% of users collectively use the 1% PCs. In fact, the percentage of use of the PC even smaller ... for instance, according to opinion polls, out of all PC users 57% use computer for games, 49% - for viewing photos, 40% - for listening to music, 25% - for movies. ..

   The build quality and service . In the average Russian city of approximately every five to ten thousand inhabitants one company, traded PC. But the build quality, sales and service, alas, does not affect, at least, is positively influenced, on the contrary! For example, you can sell a graphics card or TV tuner without the "wood", citing the fact that these accessories are for sale advanced nick (!), Which may find yourself the "firewall" and will not be bothered by vendors such trifles! ..

   The number of megapixels . Usually this is considered the main characteristic of a digital camera. The number of megapixels multiclients affects not so much on image quality, but rather on the maximum size of photos that can be printed without loss of quality. The quality of the image are more influenced by characteristics of the matrix and the perfection of software multiclients, and to some extent, the quality optics of the lens.

    Configuration . When buying, the buyer does not cease to marvel: the USB cable to the printer, as a rule, have to buy separately when buying multiclients cover is purchased separately, to a laptop bag - separately (add missing) ...

   The computer makes a person's life . PCs designed to make life easier for people in Russia are often difficult to her. Take, for example, the notorious tax and pension accounts: almost everywhere the above statements should be presented not only in digital form, but in the "analog" version of the paper ... Although already seen some progress.

   'Escarpment' multicore, multithreaded, multitasking, 64-bit addressing, and other newfangled CPU "features". All this, of course, cool. But at the moment buying the CPU - a few premature and not entirely reasonable investment (reminiscent of the shooting from a cannon on mosquitoes!): Programs that can "download" these processors are full-time job, practically does not exist yet. And the price of these processors - due to high demand and skill bloated advertising company! - The most overpriced.

   "Steeper" SC . Even if you buy the most "cool" to date PC, six months later it will be of peasant, a year an outsider, but after two years hopelessly outdated "old man". No wonder that the question "When the PC becomes obsolete?" - A humorous response to "In the time of purchase!". So in six months or a year will have to do upgrade, or a year or two to sell your PC and buy new, or "juzat" old PC to the finish! ..

  Медлительность и неповоротливость файловой системы NTFS . This is not true - modern PC with memory of 256 MB and above receive a huge performance boost from using NTFS. As for performance, NTFS is not very effective for small sections of hard drives (up to 1 GB), but work with huge amounts of data and an impressive catalog is organized very effectively, and this gives the advantage of speed over other file systems.