Which processor to choose? Intel vs. AMD.

Which processor to choose? Intel vs. AMD. The processor is the most important component of the computer that performs information processing. Its main feature is the clock frequency, which determines the speed of elementary operations, measured in megahertz (MHz) and gigahertz (GHz). The higher the CPU frequency, the higher its productivity and, consequently, price.

Most modern PC processors released only two companies - Intel and AMD.

Each of the manufacturers choice of processors is quite wide. This is Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron, and AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron. Each of these groups includes processors with different clock speeds.

The main advantage of the AMD is the best price/performance and a very powerful block floating point, allowing them to prevail over a competitor in the mathematical problems and gaming applications.

The basic advantage of Intel processors is a higher frequency, giving them an advantage in problems of streaming encryption, such as the digitization of video.

Another advantage of Intel may be considered used in the latest models of processor technology, Hyper Threading, allowing the processor to increase productivity by 30%.

Give specific guidelines for choosing the processor, while remaining impartial, it is difficult. Therefore confine ourselves to general recommendations.

First, determine what you are buying a computer. The fact is that even the most advanced to date processor through three (and sometimes less), the fully morally outdated and no update would not help him. Therefore, the processor must be chosen based on the needs of today. Buying a processor with a "reserve for the future" is meaningless.

To perform office tasks, internet surfing, watching videos and listening to music quite suitable computer base configuration, ie, low in terms of performance characteristics of components. With these objectives successfully cope Intel Celeron processor with a frequency of 2000-2800 MHz or below.

If you plan to turn your PC into a home "entertainment", using it for cutting-edge gaming or video editing, then you need more processor power. To address these challenges suitable Intel Pentium processor with a frequency of 2,4-2,9 GHz and above.

Do not forget about processors AMD. The latest models of AMD processors successfully cope with the same tasks, but it will cost you much less.