How to teach the robots clean up the garbage, or What Evrobot?

How to teach the robots clean up the garbage, or What Evrobot? Imagine this picture. You're sitting at home in a comfortable chair, does the reading favorite magazine, occasionally looking out the window, and near evenly removes apartment ... a robot.

Utopia, you say, science fiction, comic books? Not at all: a cleaning robot - it is reality. They already exist and are quite successful scavenge. However, until slightly reduced size. So what is a cleaning robot?

Robot cleaner - this is a real robot, completely independent, able to navigate in space and carry out its task. This year, teams of students from different cities of Russia presented their robots at the international robotic competition Evrobot, which took place in France.

Evrobot - is an annual international youth competitions of robots, which are held in different European countries. Participate in them may still attend. To do this we must organize a team and make a robot. Each year the association asked Evrobot young robotics challenges.

This year the guys were to create a robot that collects garbage. However, the robot not only has to collect some random garbage. For this he is given 90 seconds, for which a special playing field robot competes with similar robot in collecting and sorting plastic bottles, cans and batteries.

Each robot has several matches, competing with other teams' robots. Bottles, cans and batteries robot must be placed in special containers that are equipped playground. This robot is not in any case can not hurt your opponent, let him on the field or put trash in its containers. After all, each robot on the field has its own container, they should not be confused. And imagine, all this makes the robot completely autonomous. And the creators can only stand by and root for his creation.

After the match the strict judge shall announce the results. Points are calculated based on the number of collected debris and the correctness of its placement. Robots have successfully passed the test, pass the semifinal, and then the final.

The youngest participants of the competition 7-9 years. Their robots are, of course, is not completely autonomous. They can be controlled by remote control. But then, as robots are small specialists to cope with the collection and sorting of garbage, really amazing. Immediately you realize that for these talents and their creations are our future, the future of science and technology.

 How to teach the robots clean up the garbage, or What Evrobot? The Robot-cleaner on the game poleMnogie why people think that robots have to be like people. A robot with arms, legs, head, called android. These robots are not yet able to collect garbage. Robot-cleaner is rather similar to the boxes on wheels. Inside they have a complicated system, which allows them to understand in what direction to move, how to collect garbage and where to distribute.

In the following, in 2008 at the robots will be a new mission - the mission to Mars. Children will assemble robots, which someday will go to the Red Planet for samples of rocks and soil. Having collected the necessary samples, robots, safe and sound to bring them back to Earth.