How to write in LJ from a mobile phone?

How to write in LJ from a mobile phone? As we know, the word "blog" - an abbreviation for weblog, where log - record of the events. With the development of mobile add entries in the diary has become much easier.

I'm here, for example, has found an ideal combination of java-applications on your mobile.
1. jimm - Put simply, ICQ.
2. LJ2ME - Program that allows you to write/post in LJ.
3. Rss-reader To read some news sites and what is written on LiveJournal user.

Well, talk about ICQ does not make sense - its advantages has long been known by each of the first advanced user. If interested in other similar clients (jabber, for example) - then find a network of mobile versions can be easily. (From advise a domestic development - bombus, но выбрать/разобраться можно тут.)

LJ2ME beautiful that it can be used to prescribe тэги, настроение и даже музыку (чего нет в TinyLJ ). It would be more current location - generally used her price was not. Another plus it - the ability to write in the community and choose the pics. In addition, I visualized made similarly record, inserting kopipastom in each message, the registered pre-tag the image.

Rss-reader is also customized himself, by driving a mandatory address information agencies and rss-streams some interesting lj-users and communities (my example looks like this:, Podzamochnye record, unfortunately, not available).

In addition, read frendlentu you can go to the optimized version for mobile phones - .

Even forgot a very important part of mobile blogging - posting photos taken from a mobile phone. In real time.
There are several ways that are known to me (one even tried out the test)

1. This is my favorite portal 11,111,120. [/url] - A virtual space to place your mobile pictures there is the possibility of posting mms in livejournal. For this purpose you specify when registering your details Learn and phone number, and later, in the administration of a particular address service (where specified) images from this number, they automatically fast in your journal.

2. This service mms2lj . Gate, designed specifically for mobile posting photos in LJ. We need to create mms-message, add to it other than pictures of text with a specific code (instructions on the link) and send an e-mail gateway.

3. Mobile blogs with the function of cross-posting to LJ. For example, , Just know, have such a function. How about the same - there is a specific address for your mms. They posted a blog mopoto, if desired can be exported to LJ and other blogs.