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Why she did not like, or again on the Windows

Why she did not like, or again on the Windows Prohibited characters 111,111,100.
If you create a new file or folder (when working in the operating system Windows XP) you try to name the file/folder to use symbols 11,111,199. /: *? " |
, Then a system message: " Filename should not contain the following characters: /: *? " | » .

When working in the Windows Vista operating system in similar cases, a dialog box 111,111,101. Renaming [/i] with the message "Invalid device name" .

  Prohibited names 111,111,100.
If you try to create files or folders with the following names: [b] con
, nul , prn , AUX , COM1 , COM2 , COM3 , COM4 , COM5 , COM6 , COM7 , COM8 , COM9 , LPT1 , LPT2 , LPT3 , LPT4 , LPT5 , LPT6 , LPT7 , LPT8 , LPT9 (Uppercase and lowercase letters - capital letters or small letters - does not matter) - a system in such cases, if you enter your "banned" name displays the default name, for example, New Folder 111 111 102. Or [i] Text Document Or Microsoft Word Document . At the same time Windows Vista will display a window 111,111,101. Renaming [/i] with the message "Invalid device name".

The fact that the "Naming" these characters and names are reserved file system for "internal" system needs to apply them to the user is prohibited.

  Note: . Apply for files and folders names COM, COM10, COM11 ..., LPT, LPT10, LPT11 ... system is not forbidden.

 Имена файлов в FAT
In the FAT file system used in the traditional format of the names of 8.3, the file names must consist of characters ASCII. The name of the file or directory should consist of no more than 8 characters, followed by a separator "." (Point) and the expansion of up to 3 characters. The first character of name must be a letter or number. In determining the name can contain any characters except those listed below:
  ./[ ]:; | =, 111,111,100.

The use of these characters can lead to unexpected results. The name must not contain spaces.

 [b]Соглашения именования в NTFS

File names can consist of no more than 255 characters, including any extensions. Names preserve case, but are not case sensitive. NTFS does not distinguish names, depending on the register. Names can contain any characters except the following:
  ?/ * |:
At the present time from the command line, you can specify the file name no longer than 253 characters.

  Can I get around the file system 111,111,100.
You can create folders with reserved names using Windows shell 111,111,102. Example:
- Click 111,111,101. Start -> Run ... -> Run -> cmd -> OK
- In the window 111,111,101. Shell 111,111,102. after the prompt, type system [b] mkdir. com1
( Enter ).

This will create a directory named com1.
Remove it in the usual way you will not: a window 111,111,101. Error deleting file or folder 111,111,102. with the message Unable to delete com1. No access. The disk is not full or write-protected or the file is not another application or H e can not delete com1. Can not find the file. Verify the path and filename .
To delete a directory com1 need to enter a command rmdir. com1 ( Enter ).