Who is faster? Yandex Cup on high-speed Web Search

Who is faster? Yandex Cup on high-speed Web Search What is Cup Yandex
Since 2001, the company Yandex conducted so-called "Yandex Cup" - a competition of speed, surf the Internet (other names - "Open Cup of Russia in search of the Internet", "Yandeks.Kubok").

"Yandeks.Kubok" - this is an event that clearly and visually shows information of the Internet and attract many participants and supporters of the enthusiasts of the Global Network. Participants of the Cup compete in the ability to find on the Internet for the minimum time the answers to questions proposed by the organizers.

  Competition Rules
The event takes place in three rounds: two in absentia, and intramural finals. Play in the first round can anyone who signed up to 1,111,116. Website Cup 1,111,117. . In the first round held six games, and players can take part in a few: the set-off is the best result.
The game lasts for one hour, you need to answer 20 questions (ie, searching for an answer on average given three minutes). The answer must be given a link to a Web page that contains the answer, and your reply. During the game participant may use any search engine. For each correct answer the player receives one point.

In the second round are 100 players who showed the best results on the number of points, as well as all the players who scored as many points as a player and a 100-m site. 2-nd round consists of 2 parts. Each part consists of six questions and lasts 30 minutes. For example, are part of the Find object "and" Lists ". In the search for the item "the player must find the text or an image of a given document, and in the" List "- the organizers to continue this list.

Reach the final 8 players - winners of the 2 nd round. 9-th player is determined by drawing lots among the players, ranked the following 20 places in the 2 nd round. The final consists of 2 parts: all-round and race winners. Around a three-game (15 minutes each) of the 5 tasks: image search, sites, organizations and facilities for downloading (software, music, videos, etc.). According to the results of all-round are determined by three winners. Ends Cup Race winners. Three finalists playing the first place: they consistently respond to questions, and to obtain access to the next question should be the correct answer to the previous one.

The winner of the competition receives the honorary title "The man who found it all, Yandex Cup, as well as a valuable prize.
Since 2007, "The man who found it all" in any of the last Cup, can not participate in the final game the next Cup.

  Yandex Cup Winners-
 I (2001) Spout Anton (prize - LCD Monitor SyncMaster 770TFT)
 II (2001), Vladimir Stepanov (trip for two to stage the championship Formula 1 in Monaco)
 III (2002) Sobolev, Alexander (laptop Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo)
 IV (2003) Yutcis Michael (car PEUGEOT 206)
 V (2004) Charykov Alex (car