Who is faster? Championship high-speed assembly of PCs

Who is faster? Championship high-speed assembly of PCs GIGABYTE Launches with 2003 holds in Russia championship in high-speed assembly machine, it is called "Build Your Own Computer. First place qualifiers in different cities (this year's competition took place in Tambov, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Bryansk, Pskov, Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Tver, Moscow).

Winners of the qualifying events occur in the final, which takes place at the end of the year in Moscow.

  Rules championship 1,111,117.
1. Take part in the competition can be anyone, you need only 1,111,114. register [/url] .
2. You can register not later than 30 minutes prior to the competition.
3. To participate in the assembly allowed registered players who have successfully passed testing.
4. Testing is traditionally held at the venue, the issues of testing simple, but involve a minimum level of training.
5. Assembly takes place on 5 computers at the same time and occurs in several approaches of different groups of participants.
6. Each participant, admitted to the assembly falls into one of the groups and makes an approach to the table to build throughout the competition.
7. The maximum build time - 15 minutes.
8. All necessary equipment and tools are provided organized championship. A participant may use only their hands and knowledge.
9. To download system participants use a floppy disk, as proposed by the organizers.
10. All components must be secured the necessary number of screws. This will be monitored. If the screw is lost - you can use the spare.
11. BIOS settings are set in advance, by default.
12. Before assembling party has assembled system, which he previously would have to parse (this time is not taken into account in summarizing the results of the competition).
13. After assembly of the computer and appears on the screen Invitation A: />, party raises his hand. At this point, time will be recorded.
14. Member partly responsible for damage during assembly of computer components.
15. The winner is the party assembled computer for the minimum time in comparison with all parties who participated in the competition.

 [b] Sample configuration of your computer to build
• Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-8I945PLGE-RH
• Graphics card - GIGABYTE GV-RX13128D-RH
• Processor - Intel Celeron D 326 775-LGA
• RAM - Kingston 512MB DDR2-533
• Cooler - Intel BOX
• HDD - WD 40 Gb SATA150 (400JD)
• FDD - 3.5 "FDD
• DVD-ROM - LG GDR-8163B/8164B
• Monitor - Acer 17 "LCD AL1706 (b)
• Housing - Miditower INWIN S500 ATX 350W
• Keyboard - Microsoft Basic Black PS/2
• Mouse - Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Black PS2/USB

The results of the finals of "Build Your Own Computer" -2005 (22 October, Moscow):
1. Andrei Medvedev - 3:48
2. Babo Arthur - 4:37
3. Novolodtsky Tim - 4:44.

The results of the finals of "Build Your Own Computer" -2006 (November 8, Moscow):
1. Andrei Medvedev - 4:10
2. Abaidullin Rinat - 4:41
3. Zatovka Valery - 4:41.

The results of the finals of "Build Your Own Computer" -2007 (December 2, Moscow):
1. Andrei Medvedev - 4:02
2. Demkin Vitaly - 4:05
3. Abaidullin Rinat - 4:09.
All finalists will be awarded prizes and the winner - a trip to Thailand.