Why are programming languages so much? Problems virtual Linguistics

Why are programming languages so much? Problems virtual Linguistics Today has been known for more than two and a half thousand of the most 1,111,112. variety of programming languages 1,111,115. .

With each year the number increases, and with incredible rapidity. Exit of updated or modified versions of previous languages. Languages are developed by separate software products. In short, the software market requires new technologies and new technologies require the latest, more powerful development languages.

And there is a problem as the accelerated development of new language development or their updated versions. That is, roughly sketched the following scenario. Let's release of an update version of the popular development language. The development of a new version of the language is simplified if the syntax of the new version slightly different from the syntax of the old version. The syntax of a programming language does not change, but merely supplemented and complicated. This increases the power of language development.

It is quite another when a new version of the language developed for fundamentally altered. Changed the syntax, the paradigm and some characteristics of the language development. The developers simply have to make the transition to a whole new level of language development. Moreover, this occurs not immediately but gradually. This means that the developer wrote his own application, say, 80 per cent on the old version of the language, and at ten - in the new one. Fortunately, if you still support the old version. But as a result of such mixing versions, that is, waste of programming goes a product that does not meet the fundamental requirements of stability and speed. It relates to security issues if the product is designed for applications where privacy and data security priority.

It's not all. As stated above, to date there is a huge variety of programming languages. They are developing a similar number of companies, large or small. Sometimes - even individual groups of people. There is serious competition, especially in the leading developer of software, whose results are in great demand in the world. It follows from the fact that it is impossible to identify at least three best development language among those available. This means that none of the most widely spoken languages of software development does not meet (partially or completely) some of the requirements of application developers. And the opportunities that are available in one language development, only partially implemented in another language. Here it is, so to speak, mutual complement one language to others.

Modern development environment allow you to write code for programs in different programming languages, even in the language development of a competitor! And these are beginning to actively use many developers in their projects. Sometimes it is not enough good writing applications in one language makes the developer to move in a certain part of the program code to another language and vice versa. And again the problem - stability and speed of these "salads".

Developers of software products strongly disagree, how well a design language. There is even some 1,111,114. rating of programming languages 1,111,115. .

As a result, there are diverse market tools and development languages, no less of a market in these languages, developers who write software using these tools, and together, and povroz, and combining them, and playing on the compatibility of the languages ... Again, as a result of either receiving the maximum optimized final product (if the tricks professional), in which the language of the masses has been squeezed out everything that is permissible, or getting "wet" unstable, "heavy", non-optimized product. This is when perverted amateur.