Caution: broken pixels, or how not to "fly" by choosing an LCD monitor?

Caution: broken pixels, or how not to "fly" by choosing an LCD monitor? "ShkolaZhizni" has published an article with suggestions for choosing an LCD monitor ( How to choose a LCD monitor? ).
This article focuses on such nuance associated with LCD monitors, which can essentially "poison" the life of PC user - a so-called "broken pixels.

  What is a broken pixel
Pixel / 11,111,151 pixels. (English pixel) - the minimum element of the image, the smallest display element that has all the features of color reproduction, display, available in general.
• [b] Broken
("Dead") pixel (Born dead pixel, defect pixel) - Steady (or permanently nonconducting) pixel.

Often, selling a specific LCD monitor, the seller already knows about the presence of broken pixels, but sometimes a "modest" is silent about it (for example, the monitor has already returned the previous seller). Not checking the LCD monitor (or quickly checking the quality of the "pictures"), already home buyers discover that they were "happy" owners of the monitor with broken pixels.
When the buyer is trying to exchange (or return) the monitor, some sellers "are in a position, stating that broken pixels are not defects, with reference to the standard ISO13406-2, allowing the presence of broken pixels.

  Standard ISO13406-2
Standard ISO 13406-2 (last updated in 2001) defines a number of ergonomic requirements for the quality of the image obtained using the LCD monitor. Assessment takes place according to criteria such as brightness, contrast, reflection, uniform illumination and color uniformity, readability, flickering, the number of defective pixels.

The standard defines 4 classes of quality monitors.
Class 1, the highest, does not allow the presence of defective pixels. Class 4, the lowest, allows for up to 262 broken pixels. Brand-name-producers of LCD monitors are not allowed to grade 4. Most of the displays correspond to class 2.

The standard distinguishes between 4 types of defective pixels:
• Type 1 - Steady pixels;
• Type 2 - non-burning pixels permanently;
• Type 3 - pixels with other defects, including defects and cell sabpikselov RGB, make up a pixel. This means constantly burning red, green and blue pixels (the most common defect);
• Type 4 (group of defective pixels) - a few defective pixels in a square 5x5 pixels.

The standard defines the allowable number of defective pixels in a million pixels LCD monitor: 15-inch monitors can have no more than 2 broken pixels, 17 -, 19 - and 20 "- - not more than 4, and monitors with diagonal size 21 "and above - no more than 6.

  It does not "get" on broken pixels
Avoid buying an LCD monitor with broken pixels is very simple: you need to thoroughly test it on the lack of add-on purchase. To do this, there are special programs (before going to the store, copy on flash such a program).

  Program for testing the LCD display on the presence/absence of broken pixels
Dead Pixel Tester
Download and unzip the file (156KB);
- Run the file DPT.exe;
- After you click the left mouse button will select the color table Select colour ;
- Successive clicks select a different color;
- Selected color "filled" the whole area of the screen, resulting in a broken pixel (if it exists) is clearly visible;
- By default in 16 different colors, you can choose additional, clicking on Colour selector .

Nokia Monitor Test
Download and unzip the file (374KB);
- Run the file Ntest.exe;
- Window Nokia NTest select the desired language (for example, Russian ), press OK ;
- Bottom right of the WWW, click the icon, stylized screen with three vertical stripes - red, green, blue;
- Monitor screen will be "flooded" with white;
- Continue to click the left mouse button while the screen sequentially "flooded" with red, green, blue, black (with a white square in the center) with flowers;
- To exit the program, press Exit .

Dead Pixel Buddy 11,111,151.
Disaster recovery boot disk Microsoft Windows miniPE edition (stripped-down version of Windows XP) contains a program Dead Pixel Buddy.
To download miniPE need the BIOS set to boot from CD-ROM drive, put in the tray CD-ROM boot disk with miniPE and reboot;
- When loaded miniPE, press miniPE (Alternative buttons 11,111,146. Start [/i]) [i] -> Programs -> Accessories -> Dead Pixel Buddy 11,111,147. ;
- Consistently "fill" with different colors screen.

 [b] What if you "lucky" to buy an LCD monitor with whipped pixel

Try to exchange the monitor. If the seller will refer to the standard ISO13406-2, disappeared the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights.

1. Solid traded company that respects you (and your customers!) And cares about their image:
   a) will never deceive buyers, trying to "stick"/"Provisional Government"/"vpulit" defective goods;
   b) will never give low quality goods for high-class;
   c) when a conflict arises (in the case of compliance with the warranty conditions) always exchange the defective goods or return the money.
2. When buying an LCD monitor, always ask for verification of its performance!
3. Vendors found in the Party of LCD monitors a certain number of monitors with broken pixels, sometimes expose them for sale at reduced prices, but "forget" to inform consumers about the cause of the price reduction. A drop in prices for LCD monitor should be disquieted! Remember: avaricious pays twice!
4. Do not plug/unplug the monitor is not "a hot", ie when connecting/disconnecting the monitor and the PC should not be switched on.
5. Sometimes broken pixels is used in the monitor. To reduce the likelihood of broken pixels in the operation of the LCD monitor, treat it with care, protect the monitor from mechanical effects (shock, shock, scratches).