Who is Steve Jobs, or Can I live on a salary $ 1 a year?

Who is Steve Jobs, or Can I live on a salary $ 1 a year? Unlike its world-famous countryman Bill Gates (by the way, in Russia for some reason, most do not remember Bill and his mother, but it's true, by the way ...) Steve Jobs is not treated kindly by the rays of glory.

  Two and Steve "Apple"
Steven Paul Jobs is - "In the world" better known as Steve Jobs (born Steven Paul Jobs, Steve Jobs; p. February 24, 1955, San Francisco, California) - Amer. engineer and entrepreneur, co-founder and executive director of the American corporation Apple Inc.

Steve Wozniak (Polish: Stephen Gary Wozniak; p. August 11, 1950, piece. California) - Amer. computer development and businessman, co-founder of the company Apple. It is considered one of the fathers of the PC. Developed by computer the Apple I and Apple II (the latter became the most popular PC 1970's and early 1980's.).

• Apple Computer inc. - U.S. corporation, a manufacturer of personal computers and software, was founded April 1, 1976, and registered officially in early 1977
Startup-founders of Apple - Steve Jobs (Steven Paul Jobs), Steve Wozniak (Stephen Gary Wozniak) and joined them, Ron Wayne (Ron Wain).
Headquarters - in Cupertino, California.

The author of the majority of development was Stephen Wozniak, while Jobs is performed marketer. It is believed that Jobs persuaded Wozniak to refine their scheme invented the microcomputer, and thus gave impetus to the creation of a new market for personal computers.

In 2001, Steve Jobs introduced the first player iPod. A few years selling iPod has become the main source of revenue. Under the leadership of Jobs' Apple in 2006, has considerably strengthened its position in the PC market, helped by the transition Macintosh machines to manufacture high-end processors Intel.
In 2006 the company introduced a prototype of network multimedia player Apple TV.
In 2007, began selling mobile phone iPhone.

  "Apple" is where the fall, or as a corporation «Apple» gained its name to
... After three months of futile attempts to find a name for your startup, Steve Jobs put its partners an ultimatum: "I'll call the company« Apple », if the 17 hours you do not offer anything better!".
It is believed that the name «Apple» Jobs offered because of the fact that in this case the name of the company is located in the telephone directory before «Atari».
In addition, Steve Jobs likes apples (by the way, «Macintosh» - the title sold in the U.S. apples) ...

Until 9 January 2007 the official name of the corporation for over 30 years was «Apple Computer». Abandoning the «Computer» in the title means a change of course a corporation - with its traditional market of computer technology on the market of consumer electronics.

  The legendary "salary" Steve Jobs
In 2000, Steve Jobs was in Guinness Book of Records as the executive director with the most modest salary in the world: according to official documents, salary Jobs is $ 1 per year.
His symbolic salary of $ 1 has long been a byword and an example to be emulated in other major companies such as Google.

Despite such a modest income, he 53-year-old Jobs was not poor - he owns 5.5 million shares worth about $ 700 million and has long been on the list of richest people in the U.S. and the world.

For comparison, the salaries of other top managers of Apple: Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer - $ 600000, Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook - $ 700000 (which is very bad, even by American standards!).

Surviving with a salary $ 1 a year, you can, but first you need to become a Steve Jobs or - at least! - Bill Gates (although Billy on such a salary for some reason do not agree, probably against his wife ...).