Vista: disable or not "Defender"?

Vista: disable or not "Defender"? What is Windows Defender
Among other innovations Vista noteworthy Windows Defender ( Windows Defender 11,111,159.).
 [i] Windows Defender
designed to protect the operating system from malware, spyware and other unwanted programs.

If you use Windows Defender important to have the latest version of the so-called definitions.
  Definitions ( Definition Update for Windows Defender 11,111,159.) - These are files, which are constantly replenished by analysts Microsoft «Encyclopedia of potentially dangerous programs. With these files, [i] Windows Defender determines whether the detected spyware or unwanted programs, and then notifies the user about potential hazards.

In order to regularly update the definitions 11,111,158. Windows Defender [/i] uses Windows Update to automatically download and install new definitions as they become available. In addition, 11,111,158. Windows Defender [/i] can be configured to search for updated definitions on the Internet before checking on demand.

  How to configure Windows Defender
Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Defender Windows -> Menu Tools and Settings -> Tools and Settings -> Options (Choose how to run Windows Defender 11,111,159.).

By default, [i] Windows Defender
configured to run automatically, but you can run it manually:
press Start -> Control Panel -> Defender Windows -> Check 11,111,159. (If you click the button to the right of the menu 11,111,158. Check 11,111,159. Then on the shortcut menu, you can set the scan settings - [i] A quick check , Full scan Or Tests on ...).

Duration of verification depends on the drive of your PC and the number of files (eg, hard disk capacity of 120GB, which contains about 1 million files scanned Windows Defender - Using the full scan - about two hours).
If Windows Defender anything malicious is found, the message: "Unwanted or potentially dangerous program not found. The computer is working properly ". If Windows Defender find something malicious, it will display an appropriate message.

  Results of testing Windows Defender
The author tested Windows Defender during the year (with a constantly updated definitions) and concluded: Windows Defender - The program is certainly useful and necessary, but if you use a reliable (constantly updated!) Antivirus and firewall (eg, Panda Antivirus Firewall, which includes anti-spyware module), - Windows Defender «resting", so you can safely disable! For example, when Panda Antivirus Firewall Windows Defender during the year have never found any malware, spyware or other unwanted programs.