What is advertising miniblok Yandex, or free if free hosting?

What is advertising miniblok Yandex, or free if free hosting? [i] I and the ruble is not accumulated 1,111,113 sites. ...
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  What is advertising miniblok Yandex ?
Let us turn to the very 1,111,118. Yandex [/url] : "This is a small square with a banner, which is demonstrated in the upper right corner of the site. The website visitors can turn the box into a thin strip, and then close. However, if you do not, miniblok himself a few seconds will be curtailed. (It happens - will be curtailed, but more often - "freezes" on page long! ..)
Banners on People We need to ensure that the project could exist and develop, to support the effective work of "popular" sites and develop additional services to users.

Advertise on user sites - a common practice and the only business model of free webhosts. In clause 7.2 User Agreement Under which you subscribed, making the site for the people, saying: Yandex has the right to be placed on your WEB-page promotional information or any other information for public dissemination, but without prejudice to the contents of your WEB-page. The form, terms and amounts of such information may from time to time vary by Yandex.

  How it started
It all started July 3, 2001 Here's what he said on this subject Kirill Tikhonov:
"Since yesterday on the pages Narod.ru, одном из самых популярных бесплатных хостингов в России, появилась реклама. До сих пор отсутствие рекламных вставок было главным, что отличало Narod.ru from other similar services.
Advertising banners are displayed on top of each page in the so-called minibloke. The website visitors can minimize or even close it completely. In the event that within 30 seconds that never happened, miniblok rolled himself.
There is another version of the advertisement. If miniblok not satisfied with the creator of the site, he can himself insert himself into the page banner Yandex standard size 468x60.
There are times when advertising in general is unacceptable. Get rid of it entirely possible, but this service is not free. Disabling advertisements miniblokov or banners will cost $ 5 per month. The minimum payment period - 3 months.
Currently, advertising minibloki advertise primarily's website Yandex. However, as suggested by his administration, people have great potential. According Spylog, on this site on a daily basis is more than 70.000 people, and in the future, he has a chance to become a major advertising platform, not inferior to the ad networks.
However, it is unknown whether the people will be able to maintain its popularity after the introduction of advertising. Unlike other free hosting sites, it is not permitted to use any scripts or SSI, and the speed of connection is often unacceptably low.
People's Forum is full of letters of users who are dissatisfied with innovation.

  Free if "free" hosting?
It's no secret that advertising has helped to live and survive (and ever after!) Many sites, but then why lie?
As for free hosting, Yandex disingenuous: after all, Yandex scrolling advertisements on their sites, users of popular sites pay them for hosting. Although he claims Yandex converse :
"... All this really free?
Placing personal page on the people really completely free. We can also assure you that it will not be paid for ever ... ".