What is an online anti-virus software?

What is an online anti-virus software? Many Internet users interested in the question: is there life offline?

With each passing day the world's growing number of Internet resources. We are already hard look at the online TV, play online games, get married in the Internet registry offices, in general, live a full life-line. This feature of today's users recently noticed and vendors of antivirus software. To attract potential buyers, some antivirus companies spread in open access online versions of their products. This is extremely beneficial both by developers and users of the network. For developers it provides a good chance to advertise their products, and users - to scan your PC for viruses for free, without registration and installation of the program.

And what's the catch? - Ask about persnickety reader.

A trick can be called only some functional limitations of the online version, compared with a paid full-featured. Just worth mentioning that skanviry not protect your PC from information threats, but only find viruses penetrated and in some cases can get rid of them, and the scan area in some antivirus software may also be functionally truncated.

For example, the online version of the famous Russian Kaspersky Anti-Virus - Kaspersky Online Scanner - Does not support scan boot sectors of disks and the master boot record and does not cure the infected files (and only works in the mode of detection), as immediately warned before scanning. Unfortunately, I never found a warning that the duration of the program is also limited, but after a few uses of the scanner, I personally experienced this problem. Winning it was a simple reinstallation of the program (Kaspersky Online Scanner is one of the few who install their components in the system, as well as honestly reported in the preliminary agreement).

Ins Kaspersky Online Scanner can be called a configuration of objects for inspection, scanning archives and email attachments, automatically updated anti-virus databases, as well as a detailed report of all scanned files with possibility to save it on your PC.

It should be noted that the feature of online scanners is to use Microsoft ActiveX technology and work only in Internet Explorer or the browser built on the engine, Internet Explorer. For other browsers have to install a special plug-in. (But as for me, this is not such a global problem. But you can find a useful application of the good old Explorer.)

His version skanvira presented another well-known developer of antivirus programs - Dr.Web. His product is Dr.Web CureIT and works as Kaspersky Online Scanner, after installing a small file (3875 kb) on your computer. Dr.Web CureIT can check your system for infected files in it and cure them without installing an antivirus Dr.Web. Also note that when installing CureIT automatically selects the interface language according to language version of the operating system.

  Panda Nanoscan also decided not to lag behind its competitors and introduced into general use for the detection of unknown malware powerful heuristic system, advanced technology and innovative TruPrevent. Panda, like Kaspersky, loads a small scanning module for a minute that some checks and immediately issued a final verdict - the computer is infected or not. By the pluses of the program include support of the browser Mozilla Firefox. By cons - Suspicious speed test, the lack of settings and a detailed report on the analysis of the object.

The most convenient, as for me, is 11,111,118. BitDefender Online Scanner [/b] . It does not require the installation of its modules, has setup the objects scanned and knows how to treat the infected files, maintain a detailed listing of operations carried out and scan the boot sectors of disks. The only difficulty for some Russian visitors - an English interface.

  Symantec Security Check 11,111,119. can only detect malicious content. Treatment - not his path. Tweaks in the online program is not, and scan for viruses automatically performed on all disks in the computer that takes up a large amount of time.

Limited to scan your computer only drive C, and lack of treatment of infected files - core minus skanvira [b] McAfee VirusScan

Another nearly full-fighter with viruses - South Korea's 11,111,118. MyV3 [/b] . In addition to user-selected objects, MyV3 scan boot sectors of hard drives, memory testing. It only works in Windows.

The verification other than Windows, OS supports 11,111,118. Trend Micro HouseCall [/b] . This skanvir not only detects and disinfects the infected files, but also allows for a comprehensive review of the operating system for a variety of potential security vulnerabilities by scanning for open ports and installed on your computer. In addition to Internet Explorer, the scanner works fine and the browser Mozilla Firefox. It has set the scan area and the scanner, after checking it shows a full report and additional instructions for the user.