Who will make money on nanotechnology?

Who will make money on nanotechnology? I want to share with all of science enthusiasts from his impressions of meetings with participants of nano-orgy - seminars under the auspices of Rosnanotekh.

Who is not watching nanotematikoy - explain: Russia heard the call of the international community about the need to spend money on science. At the head of the country are now businessmen. Read the can. See how the Japanese and Americans nano-dividend cut, well, and decided - as we are worse. The money is there, and the mind over time morally.

Tens of structures, public and private, which is declared as an interest in nanotechnology, and its presence at the cutting edge of science. It seems that Russia has decided to repeat the "success" of the eighties of last century, and to participate in the "nano-wars".
At the time I'm on a political indoctrination in schools denounced Reagan for his machinations in the cosmos. Over the militarization and SDI who can not remember - Strategic Defense Initiative.

Many analysts argue that the euphoria of oil money has ruined the Soviet Union. We financed the space, creating military lasers, helped the fraternal peoples, etc. Total: bankrupt the country. Until now, pay the debts of the bank Vnesheconombank.

Because of poverty, we are not able to participate in the "bubbles" dotcom. But now, now that our time has come. Provisions more than 500 billion dollars. It is necessary to cut, it's time, the pipe already in full buzz. And how to saw that there was no responsible to the Minister of Finance does not gritted teeth? The main thing - go to direct resources where no one and nothing can not count. Miracles - here is a real business project. Fanatics from science all ears buzzed: "nano" then "nano" se.

Who remembers SARS? Just a year ago almost hit by the financial crisis due to global panic. Nightmare, death, etc. The reduction of flights, government funding of vaccines, etc. Outcome of hysteria - 8 dead, with a probable diagnosis of atypical pneumonia. And silence. And along the way investors with bags Bubble stand. After medkorporatsii cut down billions in supplying useless vaccine goshranilischa.

Now again the cry: if you do not begin to fund nanoscience now, all left behind, do not catch up. Everywhere, like mushrooms department, refresher courses. BOOM. Tell the nano, and people to you irresistibly. Not only so, but with the money.

Now about a recent seminar in Moscow, "The use of nanotechnology to solve environmental problems." For accuracy the names would not answer, sorry.

We arrived a whole serious people. Which for many years actually explore the properties of substances, including and particularly small sizes. With a great bunch of patents on various inventions.

But for some reason the speakers instead of nanotechnology were talking about miraculous properties of sawdust (properties, by the way, is really unique). About the burning of brewer's yeast. About ambitious scam (and it's not just my opinion), which is prepared under the auspices of crank Rosvooruzheniye Roekooyl. Gone up tremendous waste incineration plants on public funds. According to the director, presented the project, this should be done not only to Muscovites. They say they have not brains are built. It is with this nonsense already walked many high offices, and plans to participate in the Kremlin forum. Words can not convey, it should be heard.

In general, I learned many interesting things. For example, how to use the liquid in which dissolved iron nanoparticles, we can collect spilled oil. As the cost of this procedure is equivalent to burning 5 tons of oil each collected.

Perhaps the most valuable thing that I was able to make the seminar, it's uncanny knowledge of both the high cost of nanomaterials and their production technologies. This is what we need to "learn" funds. Expert opinions wagon, all enthusiastic. You can justify any nonsense. Then, not undermined. But a seminar intended to make its recommendations Nanotechnologies support the financing of some projects.

Maniacs of science ready pour the oil in the ears of money-bags, waving their patents. With that comes the dust because of dilapidation and practical uselessness. From the patent before the introduction of a huge distance. And in Russia held her still do not know how.

Scientists have now mastered all the elements of the business of manipulation. Know how to calculate profitability and efficiency, and prove a short payback period. In general, in the near future will nanopiramidy, nanozhule and much, much more.