Why the mailbox is empty, or as seeking feedback from subscribers?

Why the mailbox is empty, or as seeking feedback from subscribers? Remember the lessons at school work. No, no, do not frown and wrinkle her forehead - it is clear that not the most pleasant memories of the "mad" teacher "Trudoviks", may still be alive. Then, sitting at his desk, you have something mastered their own hands. No matter what - roughly fixed the "bird" with its beak and tail Tuqan wagtails or embroidered flowers. The main thing - you have been eagerly awaiting the moment when the parents finally noticed: on the wall to the left now "exhibited" a future masterpiece, and yet - well, simply the result of creative impulse and the desire to fix "a couple" of labor training.

Well, maybe his handiwork, you have completely forgotten, but that certainly can recall another similar case. Let the kids let naive: school work, which was published in a local newspaper, the song awkwardly picked up the guitar, the first verse a try ... Remember ... as we are waiting, time after time estimates (certainly a positive!) Our labor of others! And this score - and there is the most mysterious "feedback".

For authors of Internet mailing lists, this is the feedback is not so much mysterious as it seems, is unattainable. Here you write, you write, you try hard, executes each issue on the latest color trends of the season, and all - come to nothing! The mailbox was as empty as ever. Neither the lines of those for whom the room is done, a line from those who want to admire your efforts and enthusiasm. C'mon, what's to admire - to praise and do not have to dream, even if I do not know how anything malicious critic cherkanul letter. Angry, sharp, disapproving - I do not mind! The main thing - attention ...

Yes, at first (that is, during the month, a couple of months, a few months, but can - and six months) by mailing unlikely to swim in the reader's delight. There will be a dull, quiet, silent ... as if your "publication" read robots, not humans. If you did not want them to express their opinion ... a strange thing.

In fact, the distribution often signed just out of curiosity. And now comes the hour - gets our imaginary letter from a subscriber for fresh number of your child. Top - what? Fie, advertising (it is often placed hostings mailing)! Further - so interesting. But no more. "After reading the post" - the reader think and switches to the chatter in ICQ or other matters.

This is not to say that no subscribers who read the numbers: they exist, and their very, very much! Just as long as they only read, watch, contemplate ... whatever you like. But - keep quiet! It also disturb the silence with a loud voice of the author! Dokrichites to the reader! No, not literally, of course. Way to invite our good friend - a subscriber-Diemid - to talk, talk, debate abound.

  1. Question. The rule is: write the questions only if you want to ask something in the reader. Of course, you can use rhetorical questions, you can ask about the meaning of life and so on. But! Think - so wide, the eternal questions require more than two lines. As it is possible to write the dissertation, and in our hasty subscriber to this time no. Do not be selfish - let the reader speak out. Ask him alone that interested in you personally.

  2. Competition. Competition - it is always intriguing, competition - a kind of win-win lottery. Make it really such: think of interesting assignments, write in detail about the rules of participation and decide on a prize. It is better if it would be really nice gifts - albeit not very expensive, but unusual, original: access to the paid sections of the site, flash card, book, CD or anything else to your taste. Naturally, it would be good to relate the questions and prizes to the topic of dispatch - gamers are unlikely to be pleased by the new American seeds or seedlings. Reward better than one, but several subscribers. Even if the prizes would get not all, refer to the most active participants is required - and separately!

  3. Forum. Not every distribution has a website, and not each newsletter you need it. But the forum - quite another matter. From personal experience, I know - much more interesting to communicate openly, publicly, to read the forum, not in a private e-meylovskoy conversation with a leading mailing. Take this note: after the first mention in one of the rooms your forum will get at least a couple of registered users. Certainly, and new messages will appear immediately. Effective.