In that play with a mobile phone?

In that play with a mobile phone? Nothing in this world is not standing still. Even the usual games already converted into the things that we always have on hand. Mobile phone - it is one of those things we enjoy most. It can not just write a huge number of applications, but it and came up with games that use it to actively play.

   Metn it away

Competitions Mobile Phone Throwing become not uncommon. For example, we in Belarus annually on the day the city held such an event. If I remember correctly, the winner receives a brand new phone. The prize is quite decent. Indeed, after his metnesh 60 or 70 meters, you can bow out with him for ever ...

By the way, at this time record for men belong Mikko Lampi. He put his cell phone on 94 meters 97 centimeters.

  Phone 11111111 race.

I do not know who invented this game, but probably some schoolboy. The essence of the game lies in the fact that on the surface in 30 or more degrees at the same time let their phones two people. Whose phone will travel farther or faster fall from the surface, he is a winner. The game is very simple. It may be only students and play. Although, if the office has nothing to do, then you might want.

 [b] Write me soon ...

For this game, also held competitions. Their essence lies in the fact that the players as quickly as possible typed text. Here the number of participants is unlimited. Therefore, typing at the speed sms can not only with his friend, but with the entire company. Hope it all honestly, typing messages to all participants equally. So, before the game is to decide how will be set, using T9 mode or not ...

 If you are unable to reach a common solution, you can spend several stages of competitions.

  Guess the melody.

Here you have to remember the same name transfer. You can play with all types of mobile phones. However, with those that support the mono call the best. There is not always clear what this song and the song it all. If such phones in the company was not found, then the songs or clippings of them stands to lose no more than a few seconds.

Play may be three people. For every correct answer is calculated on points. The game lasts two rounds. In each of these 15 tracks. After the first round flew the one with the least points. Wins the one with the total score will be greater than all (up to two contests).

  Blind move on mobile

Remember as a child you were playing "Blind cat" or "Dead Man's Bluff", who was called this game. Now you can do with your mobile phone. Earlier, a man who was blindfolded, walking on cotton, but now he will go to the sounds of ringtones.

In the main game as often as possible to change the ringtone to "blind" had little idea of where and how sound is heard. Play can be an unlimited number of participants.

As you can see, with the advent of mobile phone world has become not only sociable, but also much more fun. Successful to you play and have fun with your mobile friend.