Whatever the curse of TV, but viewing programs "on the box" - a favorite pastime of m" />

Who is shedulerschik, or How ethereal office?

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 Who is shedulerschik, or How ethereal office? Whatever the curse of TV, but viewing programs "on the box" - a favorite pastime of most of our fellow citizens. Infinite series, exciting fighters, humorous communication and news bulletins in constant demand. The audience is well-known news anchors, actors and showmen. But all of these professions - only a portion of television.

The work of many people the audience sees on a daily basis before his eyes, but do not realize who these people are and what they do. And yet, without their efforts the TV screen to risk the most useless thing in the house.

People who work to provide on the screens of TV receivers beautiful "picture", and the speaker-quality sound, working in air service, which exists on any TV channel.

  Ethereal office - A structural unit channel, which experts provide technical broadcast television. Success "efirschikov" taken for granted, but for the failure of their curse without exception. The work of the same public as a presenter, but unlike the last staff "efirki" the audience is unknown.

What exactly do these "fighters" invisible behind the bright picture "front"? Duties are as follows. Editor 11,111,121. preparing a document which lists everything that is destined to see on the screen viewer. It lists and itemized on time, all transfers, commercials and announcements. An important document is called [b] playlist .

  Assistant Director monitors and adjusts if necessary the shortcomings of sound and image. Shedulerschik assembles the material in accordance with playlist: "cuts" in the right place movies, transmission and dilutes their advertising and announcements. Exotic job title - derived from Sheduller. This is a computer program, without which today compose visuals possible.

  Directed monitors the performance of the play-list and "razrulivaet" force majeure situation. By setting decides to replace or shift gears. For example, when canceled due to weather conditions, a football match or the same weather conditions "on track" make it impossible to receive high-quality pictures from the scene.

In indoor air service is always on TV. But employees do not have fun and not resting. On the screen, there are constant transfer of only one of your own channel. So manager for additional quality control signal transmission.

Nevertheless - Anything may happen. No matter how trying ethereal office, and marriage no-no, but penetrates into the ether. On the professional slang of marriage called " shoals . Their main reason - equipment failures and weather conditions.

Among the most common wedges - off plasma 11,111,121. "When in the lead briefly turned off the plasma screen. As a result, the story about the weather forecast has to be carried without an image map of the territory. "[b] Peremodul on caps "Means excessive volume at the beginning of transmission, and" black box "- The complete disappearance of the pictures on the background of preserved sound.

Weeds will immediately notice the audience, and the ether service falls flurry of phone calls. We have to patiently listen and give explanations. However, there are also claims "not at" due to defects television receivers or "glitches" local terrestrial repeaters.