How to attract new users to the site and keep the old ones?

How to attract new users to the site and keep the old ones? This submission will discuss how to attract users to your site or web service. Since the implementation of Web-based products are commercial and noncommercial, we will not consider "money", but only try to assess the effectiveness of the use of an instrument.

In addition to attracting users, it is very important and keep existing ones. Hold important not least because it is always cheaper than to attract new and also because some funds will likely have you spent on attracting previously, and the loss of users - is a clear "minus" for your resource. About this should be remembered first and foremost. In addition, our method often serve to get new loyal users, but may be an argument to visit your resource regulars. It is for this reason we will not share tools on the category of "attractive" or "hold", and each touch on this.

  Regular updates

While we are talking about a blog, web service, or news site, we must clearly bear in mind that it must grow content, whether articles, postings or audio-video content. Customers will not go into static "pages", but more will be part of a dead community. No one sacrifices his most precious time in your life just because you spent it creating huge amount of money. To fill the news site or blog try to use as many photos, video and audio. Remember that most of us are visual, and the reader's eyes "cling" for pictures and videos more than a bothersome title "Urgent!" Or "Important". With the extensive development of photo-and video hosting make such insertion easier - a monstrous traffic consumption and CPU time you will gladly offer these services, and is absolutely free!

  Helps you get your content without the efforts 11,111,115.

Enterprise resource - a thing, of course, is valuable, but most webmasters and advertisers are well aware that you need to do to "catch up" people to your life: buying banner impressions, participation in networks, traffic exchange, etc. But the sites that lead the crowd in this way can never guarantee that it is cherished by any advertiser target audience. Typically, the target audience with the site for a long time, if it is in the interests of their subjects and they were satisfied with your style of presentation.

But how to distinguish the 20 thousand visitors just those who spend their time here permanently? Make it not so difficult. For example, if you own a blog, or corporate news site, it always provides for the possibility of export of new content by RSS. In this case, no need to worry that users subscribed to your feed will not return more on your site. This is the biggest misconception. First, without making any effort, you will be with you always, as soon as the fall in the Internet, and the number of conversions for reading very large. Secondly, do not assume that your readers do not have enough skills to install a program to read RSS - the most popular browsers, Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox, already have a tool for aggregating RSS-streams, though, I confess, not very comfortable. However, with increasing availability of RSS, not all users are ready to use it.

But remember that there is no Internet user who does not know what e-mail. Allow sending a daily or weekly digest of all subscribers, and they will surely become a peek at the light. To organize e-mail dispatches are best to use special services such as The fact is that by registering there its mailing list, you will receive in the event's popularity ratings due to additional subscribers and directory for the service. It can also carry inexpensive but very effective advertising campaigns. In addition, the e-mail messages from these sites are very loyal to our spam filters, because spammers are eliminated by the Administration of the same manually prior to sending malicious.

To increase referrals to the RSS-feed or e-mail newsletter contemplate commenting on your entries. After all, if the reader "hooked on the raw" is your opinion, then he is bound to visit the main site to leave his or her opinion. Well, if heated argument breaks out, the user will generate a huge number of page views that you and you want to display advertising, which you probably have. To re-user to make a return e-mail notification of new comments.

 [b] Allow users to create a virtual identity on your site

Despite the fact that many users, especially those who are usually called "gikami" not very loyal to all kinds of registrations, there are still ways to attract them to it in order to obtain a very convenient user feedback. For example, you can offer only for registered users receive a special content. For blogs that can be giveaway programs, illustrations, photos (more on the topics blog), and for news sites that may be archive analysts or exclusive interviews, or, for example, market surveys and industry statistics, corporate Web sites can go to spread their records and special offers, information on discounts, thereby filtering access and direct access to customers and partners.

Very nice effect, especially for narrow thematic sites or blogs, may have to create a social network with a similar blog topics where users can become authors, to find like-minded people, but in the end, just a link to your resource. Also, social networks allow you to set up a platform for people to communicate. Your site will be clubs, but it is not so little, actually.

As for the implementation of social network, it is not required large investments here. For example, you can use the service, which allows you to create your domain, social network, the engine is located on the server Ning, taking the load and the reflection of the probable malicious attacks on your network. Also do not forget about the good old forum, which also generate a good traffic from search engines.

There is a way to attract new visitors it on your site that is to create a popular community in LiveJournal "," In Contact "or any other social platform, which is probably close to your visitors.

  Tell visitors about your competitors, and you will be rewarded

Never be afraid to tell your customers about your competitors, as well as the users themselves about each other. The fact that modern statistical system and engines blogs allow you to track where your site came to those who link to you. Be sure to put in any case a reference to the person who wrote about you, as well as to sites where you want to be noticed. They review your stats will drop and be sure to look at the site, which gave them so much traffic and, if you will like tamoshnem author, it you're bound to occasionally "otlinkuet. So you get new visitors of the potential audience, which of you might not know.

You still remember that today's blogs are a great tool as a trackback. It works like this: you put a link to any post in this blog, and link to your site will certainly appear in the comments section of this blog, you'll both be putting themselves at a link with this blog. The more you link to other sites, the more you "tsenites" search engines, the more they will give a link to your website in the SERP. This is a very valuable traffic, and most importantly, trust!

  Raduyte users get acquainted with them ...

Another effective tool to attract new users and increase loyalty is holding competitions with valuable prizes. Often, sites, conducting competitions such as "Bring 100 users and get a iPod Nano» gotten pretty good flow of traffic and increase user base, you're indirectly motivate you to tell all your friends, colleagues and family, but at the same time get a coveted player.

The main thing here is to remember - not to be with announcements of your competition is too intrusive, not to get back the unwanted effect of stimulation. Well, give prizes to the winners should be required, and with the greatest possible pomp and ceremony, photo and video - advanced Internet users are more skeptics and often cynical! Informing them of the outcome of the competition can not pierce.

The real success of any community you have created is a transition from the sphere of online communication in offline. You can arrange a group trip to a cafe or a picnic. After all, here you are giving people the opportunity to meet and to really make friends, and a platform for the preparation of further meetings will be your blog, social network ... Do not forget that in the mass of the meetings you will provide an infusion of "new recruits", because people bring friends and family members with them, which would certainly join your community.

  And, finally, Her Majesty ads

Why no ads? It is everywhere! If the previous ways of attracting are not expensive, then there will have to spend money. We will not dwell on the off-line advertising - here there are a thousand and one ways to advertise your service, depending on how advanced your imagination, and therefore proceed to the online incarnation of advertising. The most popular and effective way to attract the target audience is the contextual advertising and sponsorship similar to your sites with the category placement of your advertising sponsored site, its RSS-feed and mailing list. Banner ads typically works on the masses and leads to you a very different people, among whom the percentage of target users, not too high. It cost more content.

 [b] Total 11,111,115.