Let's close the door behind Gates? ..

Let's close the door behind Gates? .. Wide publicity is Bill Gates' departure from Microsoft should not obscure the fact that he still has a huge impact on he founded in 1975 company.

Steve Ballmer ( Steve Ballmer ) Ray Ozzie ( Ray Ozzie ) And Craig Mundie ( Craig Mundie ) As the main current leaders of Microsoft, you can blame all the deadly sins of the corporation, but they were selected Gates, worked with Gates and are still accountable to Gates.

In the end, he was president and main shareholder, and he remains a consultant to special projects of the corporation.

Gates played a major role in developing the strategy of Microsoft for the next few years, so he will continue to play a significant role in transforming its highly profitable operating system and Microsoft Office in any "something" that can make money - we all follow the trend transfer the software comes online, waiting for a cheap, safe and reliable operating systems for our desktops, laptops and PDAs.

So, this is not the end of the era of Bill Gates, even taking into account the fact that less and less of his time and care are used for the needs of Microsoft - as it becomes a global philanthropist, his fund Bill