How to save a life via SMS?

How to save a life via SMS? In 1992, when the company Vodafone has sent the first SMS, no one could ever predict how important for human communication will be text messaging, how many feelings and emotions can accommodate a message of up to 160 characters!

According to the Mobile Data Association (MDA), in England, the birthplace of the first SMS, in 2006 sent more than 40 billion text messages, which amounted to about 138 million SMS per day. For comparison, in December 2001, there were 42 million text messages daily. These huge numbers indicate that the text messages had long outgrown the scope of personal contacts and become a significant factor in public and social communication.

The popularity of SMS among the people could not stop any inconvenience caused by difficulties in attracting mobile messages with little suited for this phone keypads, no restrictions on the length of text messages. These inconveniences SMS fans responded with a particular language, even more concise than the language of ICQ and e-mail. This language has become so commonplace that it even began to include some courses in English language training. The word «texting», denoting the process of creating and exchanging text messages, officially recognized by the drafters of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Volunteers from the British organization "Samaritans" must thoroughly know the dialect of the English language for text messages (SMS-English) to respond to the SMS-treatment of people with depression who are suicidal, in need of operational psychological support. Counseling services, based on communication through SMS, works on the territory of Great Britain and Ireland since 2006. But in a short period of its existence managed to prove its effectiveness, saving a lot of suicides of people who, for whatever reason can not use voice telephony.

Most of these reasons, a purely psychological, not entirely explicable in terms of logic and common sense. An illustrative example of this - young people, who often sends SMS, than talking on the phone. And each of us can remember incidents from his life, when it is not clear why you choose to send a text message via e-mail or cell phone, despite the fact that it is possible to resolve the issue through negotiation on the phone or in person. In addition, there are people who are physically unable to communicate on the telephone - people with speech and hearing. For them the introduction tekstinga all institutions and organizations - an urgent need, without which it is impossible to solve many critical problems.
The Kiev office emergency psychological care reported that the inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital with impaired hearing is not worse than the British, they can also talk about their psychological problems, send text messages, Kyiv phone 286-70-27. There, a telephone standard CDMA, which can receive and send SMS. It should be borne in mind that workers are not always able to quickly gain answers and, therefore, not text communication will be as expeditious as the voice.

Unfortunately, send an SMS from a landline home phone and payphone in Ukraine is not yet possible. Although Ukrtelecom has plans to introduce payphones, supports sending text messages, and the Ukrainian market is the presence of model cordless phones DECT, which includes the appropriate keyboard and the function of receiving/sending SMS. For example, a DECT Panasonic KX-TG8107UAK and KX-TG8108UAS.

Undoubtedly, the problem with sending SMS to those who are not subscribers of cellular communication may also arise in the course of 1,111,112. Project [/url] Kiev city government's health organization call an ambulance by SMS. This project focuses mainly on people with hearing and speech, but its implementation could help, for example, aliens who because of ignorance of the Ukrainian language is difficult to communicate with the operators of ambulances. In addition to using SMS, you can call an ambulance by e-mail and fax. Despite the fact that the beginning of the service with alternative ways to call an ambulance is already scheduled, you will not find anywhere else e-mail address and telephone number on which you can send a text message to call emergency medical care. The project is supported union Kiev Ukraine Union Samaritans and the Bavarian Union workers Samaritans.

In the world there are more than 1 million people with implanted pacemakers. If the heart rhythm is intermittent or too weak, this device sends electrical impulses necessary for normal functioning of the heart. The human heart with a pacemaker can tell the doctor about his condition with the help of SMS, signaling of cardiac arrhythmias. Language cardiac SMS is much more complex than SMS-English, he understood only cardiologists who deciphering "heartfelt" message will be answered at him with medication or other ways of dealing with bad heart. "Gabby" pacemakers help patients in the hospital of St. Thomas in Leeds (UK) and the University Medical Center in Amsterdam (Netherlands).