How to choose a mobile phone?

How to choose a mobile phone? A few years ago, we quietly along without cell phones. Now, it's hard to imagine how one can live without him. Why not have a phone - it means to be detached from the world. Man forced to buy it at least, because for his friends and colleagues is the main means of communication.

  But the mobile phone today - not just a means of communication, but also a gadget, which includes many additional features. And before buying a mobile phone you need to decide which supplements you need in your phone. Nobody wants to overpay for what he will not enjoy.

As for additional accessories also need to decide beforehand: Why, for example, buy the phone in complete with data cable, if you're not going to attach it to your computer.

Before you go shopping in a store or salon context, it is better to select the desired phone model and accessories to it on the Internet. Sellers advisers no means can always tell you what your phone select, besides their ability to instill irrational thoughts buyers can get you to buy the phone for ten thousand more necessary for you or even leave home with a laptop or fryer last model.

The following tips will help you understand about the phone of your dreams, and reduce the risk of buying it. The first step is to define a set of phone features. Listed below are the most popular ones.

1. One of the most used functions - messaging . Messages are of three types: SMS (Short Message Service), EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service).

SMS - text that includes no more than 160 characters. Sending SMS messages can be both a phone and the Internet.

 In the SMS EMS expanded: there is no limit on the size of the message, the text can be formatted to include in the message, images and ringtones. But there has to be careful - if the recipient's phone does not support the EMS, it will receive plain text with no pictures or ringtones.

MMS allows you to send full images and sounds. To use the function of communication, the phone should reflect the Russian text, the buttons should be Russian letters.

2. 11111115 Internet. (GPRS). Availability of GPRS multiplies possibilities phone: You can access the Internet directly from your phone, use it as a modem for your computer, use e-mail. GPRS is also pushes the boundaries of communication: you can always connect to the ISQ or go to Your Web-server, chat or forum.

3. [b] Data.
Active mobile phone user can not imagine life without the exchange of images and tones, downloading data from your computer. To carry out these operations in the phone should be a function of the IR port (IR port, IRDA) or the radio interface Bluetooth. IR ports are not very convenient, because for the successful transfer of data phones must be in close proximity to each other. Connection via Bluetooth is much more convenient: phones may be at a great distance from each other. And if you get a Bluetooth-headset, you can, being on the street, talking on the phone, which lies at home.

4. Digital camera. Camera is portable, thanks to her, you always have the possibility of instantaneous transmission of images to another phone. Here are the benefits to an end - the camera on the phone are rarely suitable for creating high-quality photos.

5. The ability to use flash memory cards . Map of flash memory (in vulgar flash) can make the phone a lot more information (images, ringtones, extend the recording time recorder, etc.) than the phone memory.

6. Accessibility menu 11,111,115. . Very inconvenient when you have the desired and frequently used functions you have to sneak in a roundabout way because of the inconvenience menu. Make sure the menu you choose your phone model meets your needs.

7. [b] Polyphonic ringtones.
And where do without them? Tones allows you to put on a call your favorite songs, and thus express themselves. Moreover, different ringtone set at different rates, just to help figure out who is calling you. Of course, the standard mobile pischanie hear much better, but the favorite polyphonic pleasing to the ear. For lovers of silence on the phone and there should be a function shakes.