How to turn off the PC by one click of a mouse, or Good-bye, Windows

How to turn off the PC by one click of a mouse, or Good-bye, Windows Want to turn off the computer at the click of a mouse (without "familiarity" in the button " Start - Turn off computer 11,111,189. ..." Etc.)? Then let's create a batch file (please note that the created file is intended for OS [i] Windows XP ).

To do this, run Notebook (% SystemRoot% system32notepad.exe ). The quickest way to start - click on the free surface of the icons 11,111,188. Desktop [/i] . From the shortcut menu, select New - Text Document . On The desktop will create a text document. Ask him the name to your liking, but better intuitive, for example, Disabling (Or Shutdown ). Now open the file and copy the text of this article the following line:

shutdown.exe-s-f-t 00

 [здесь: shutdown.exe - запуск утилиты " Remote Windows Shutdown ;
        -S - shutdown the PC ( Shutdown 11,111,189.)
        -F - Forces running applications to close without warning;
        -T 00 - the timeout shutdown (00 sec., Ie, instantaneously)]

Insert this line in the file. Save the file and close it. Now, to a text document has batch file, we need to change the file extension from. [i] txt
at. bat . If the file extension you do not see, you must run Conductor Windows , Open any folder, for example, clicking on the icon My computer is . Select Tools - Folder Options ... In the dialog box Folder tab, Type . In a scrollable list More options uncheck the box with the string Hide extensions for known file types . Click on OK .

Look for The desktop we created the file. Now in its title is displayed extension. txt . Rename the file Vyklyuchenie.txt in Vyklyuchenie.bat . This displays a warning system: " After changing a file name extension, the file may become unusable. Do you really want to change it? Yes/No ." Authorizes a change of the expansion, pressing Yes . Change the appearance of a file icon and extension. Further, for convenience, we've created, move the file (or shortcut to it) on the panel Quick Launch . Replace the box Hide extensions for known file types ( My Computer - Tools - Folder Options ... - View - More options 11,111,189.): This is necessary to ensure that you have no discomfort with the renaming of files.

Now you can turn off [i] PC
one click on the icon file Vyklyuchenie.bat . It can not close the open files and applications: they will be forced to shut down (so Changes to files, preferably in advance to save! ).

Same bat 11,111,189. File can be created to reboot 11,111,188. PC .
This command should be the following:

shutdown.exe-r-f-t 00

 [здесь: -r - перезагрузка ПК ( 11111189 reboot. )]

 [i] NOTES

  1. Please save the results of their work in those programs, which worked!
  2. For Windows 98/ME operating system to create on The desktop labels and in line Project write: to reboot - C: WINDOWSRUNDLL.EXE user.exe, ExitWindowsExec; to turn - C: WINDOWSRUNDLL.EXE user.exe, ExitWindows