How to deal with E-mail marketing?

How to deal with E-mail marketing? Newsletter individual letters to all the rules takes a long time, so many and prefer to spam, such as "sign regions.
And nothing, the time spent on the civilized E-mail marketing, pay off many times.

  The rules of civilized E-mail marketing. 3x7.

Subject - this is what you put down in a field Subject («R).
That line of the recipient decides to - read the letter or delete.
Interest may be simple, short, not more than 3-4 words, and clearly show what the letter. Avoid cliches and advertising texts.

If you managed to interest the recipient subject, it is now imperative that he read the text. Remember that when you open a message is usually seen only the first 5-7 rows. These lines and should motivate the recipient to read on, and not throw the letter in the basket.

  7 of the rules, what to do in individual letters.

1. It is advisable to contact the recipient by name. Learn as much as possible about who send a letter. If the recipient has a website or blog, study it carefully. If not, try to search by name and surname, № phone, address.

2. Be sure to specify the reason for resorting to it. Write about what is interesting is your recipient. For example: "I saw your message in the forum you are looking for a new company ..."

3. Text of the letter represents, in the form of proposals, it is useful to this recipient, and not in the form of direct advertising.

4. Use short and precise sentences. Better a few short sentences instead of long. Low water, you're not a journalist who gets the money line. If the text is long, divided into paragraphs, so you can read.

5. Write competently in terms of spelling and grammar. If your words are important, to be written, then it is also important that these words are spelled correctly.

6. If you send an archived file ZIP, RAR, it is desirable to warn about this in the message body.
Giving the name of file attachments should be in English or Latin. Names in Russian (Cyrillic) on some computers can not read.
Do not forget about the size of the attached file, not all users have unlimited access channel to the Internet.

7. Be sure to sign your letter and put it out your contact information.

  7 rules that do not do.

1. Do not start a letter with a general circulation.

2. No need to write "Our Good Company, a leader in Internet business, has become even steeper ...". You are not Microsoft, and no one was interested.

3. Do not waste words - "pay attention", "I beg you to visit .." etc.

4. Do not use capital letters, except the seats, under the rules of grammar. It is the cry on the Internet.

5. Do not send letters in a bad mood or state of anger, you will later regret this message. It is better to postpone the dispatch of the letter and just drink a cup of coffee - it will help relax and calm down.

6. Do not send e-mail passwords, your credit card number, etc. It is not safe.

7. Do not send a blank e-mail with attached file. The receiver can accept mail for viruses or spam and deletes it.

  Responses to the letter.

• Summarize the received message in the reply. The recipient can simply forget the meaning of your letter. Or write a few key phrases, the original message - it will help the recipient understand what is at stake.
• Closely who addressed your letter, do not send you to his boss, for example. With such an error occur kazusnye situation.
• The line receiver must be only one address, that Each letter is sent individually.
• The individual letters need to use your primary address. Do not use as the return address those that you received for free e-mail servers.

  Your signature for e-mail messages. 7 rules.

1. The signature should include your name.
2. If you have a commercial site, or you represent a company, you must specify the name of your Web site or company name as a reference. A purely psychological - is located at the end of the letter addressed may prompt the recipient to respond to you.
3. For commercial sites it is desirable to include telephone/fax number, postal address.
4. Do not use a signature, consisting of more than 4-7 lines.
5. Do not put a business letter slogans. This type of signature is possible on the forums.
6. You can use the line that separates the signature from the message itself. Do not use long lines or characters, such as the $$$$, and image, created from ASCII characters.
7. Create several different variations of the signature and use them depending on the situation.
For example
Anne Levinson
Skype: nura-nura
Anna Levinson
Marketing Director
CEC (Certified E-Commerce Consultant)