What are they, underwater terminators?

What are they, underwater terminators? The world's first underwater robot with a computer-controlled, was established in 1968 in Leningrad. Now robots have no one in particular will be surprised. Although ...

The main producers and users of underwater robots is the navy. Note that the first test for the underwater robot was to search for sunken nuclear submarines. And where in the civilian fleet you will find these submarines? But robots can not only save, but also to attack. They, robots, anyway.

Robots scouts, equipped with weapons, not to mention the ultrasonic hearing and chemical "nose", a dead shot, afraid of nothing and, most importantly, never contradict the commander, located on them for hundreds of kilometers. Amazing colossal self-similar devices, they attack and without order.

In the robotic submarine no people, which allows to simplify its structure, making it a miniature, and, therefore, more secretive. And all those military functions now performed huge steel leviathan, in the future will perform flocks almost imperceptible small fish-robots. It is very difficult to defend when you suddenly attacked simultaneously from all sides. Incidentally, the press voiced version, that ill-fated nuclear submarine "Kursk" is just under attack of the robot. But this hypothesis has remained unproven. But as robots participated in the survey the sunken "Kursk", you could see on TV.

Due to the small weight robotic submarines could quickly get to the place of fighting in the air. In reality, this delivery method perfected by the Pioneer robots. In a test of their raid dropped from an airplane off the east coast of the United States, and they immediately began to search for, identify and clear mines left over from the Second World War.

The hunt for the mine is now the main occupation of military underwater robots. One such robot named REMUS - Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS - participated in the recent Iraqi operation.

When we say "robot", he came to envision a clumsy humanoid monster. In fact, they can be of any shape. What matters is that she did not interfere, and even helped the robot to perform its function. Operating experience has shown robots that are best are those that mimic one or other marine animals. After all, thanks to the evolution of these forms work best to survive in the deep sea. In most cases, robots mimic fish - have the form of torpedoes.

Robots engineers have a bizarre shape - they copy arthropods - crabs, lobsters, scorpions. Their numerous limbs allow them to quickly move both on land and on the seabed, to avoid obstacles. Low center of gravity and the powerful clutches do not allow the waves to overturn the car. If this happens, she turns into the correct position.

Robots are mines with sensors to "smell", in difficult cases, the robot can always "consult" with the operator.

By the way, fighting robots is not so necessary dyuzhe intelligent brains. After millions of years 99% of the world's population calmly evaded without these, and nothing, all these millions of years of continuous cannibal. To kill a lot of brains do not need. Rather, they need to survive. That is why in the fighting involved weight machines with low levels of "intelligence" capable of performing only a limited range of tasks. They are cheap, which means that they can be produced in large quantities and easy to donate them.

Robots - ideal soldiers. If they order to war - will to fight. But we do this better not be. Fight, they will be with us, people. Special, excel in the development of the destruction of their own kind, seriously believe that the fighting should take place with minimal human intervention, if not altogether without it. Army of arming the world "thinking" machines. Only at the Pentagon on this issue are working 28,500 scientists in 84 laboratories. And around the world?