How to create a website? Part 3. Programs

How to create a website? Part 3. Programs I would like to tell about those programs that you may come in handy, and which may be used when creating your own website, когда вы научитесь делать его не по шаблону .

 I begin with the usual Notepad , Which is included in the package Windows XP. It is with this program I started. Then he tried to write programs in other but as they say, go with the old and beloved with all my heart, not so easy. So now I do not often resort to the use of special software to create digital pages.

In Notepad, there are many pluses and one huge minus. Of the pluses would like to emphasize: first - any tag that you write, regardless of the language, a notepad will "understand" the main thing, when you save the file, you specify the correct resolution. For example, if a text file with Notepad saves the file permission filename.txt, then in order to save the file as a web page, you need to change permission imya_fayla.html. After this operation, you can view your page in Internet browsers. And secondly, through the Clipboard, you can browse any electronic pages directly on the Internet, for this you will need to simply right click on a web page and in the menu choose "View HTML-code." By clicking, you will see the text, which is a code page, now you can see how the author of a page he wrote his creation. Sometimes I even specially watched some thing on the site is written correctly, sometimes compared, as those or other tables, different writers write, how to develop a style for your site, or as a convenient location tags.

 These were the pluses, now the significant negative, which "sparkles" Notepad. All tags, you need to build pages, you will need to dial manually. This is a big minus, but I began to learn from this and already can not get used. Although special programs that are designed for building sites, all in Notepad to write, write for you, you'll only have time to click on the button and paste text. It is on these programs will be discussed further.

 The second program, after my favorite Notepad - this is CatsHtmlV1.5 . It is fully automated, as I said above. This is a professional HTML-editor, intended for users who know, as well as studying the language of HTML. Are all the buttons tag, a lot of scripts, as well as masters that automate and simplify the creation of pages. This program will not only help you write pages, but also help to learn, because the buttons all signed in Russian. So now, if you want to highlight text in his page in bold type, just click and you will immediately two tags. You will be left to insert text in them, and it will be in bold on your page. See how simple it all.

 But this program is another major plus. Remember I said in the previous material, about the fact that I have learned to program in javascript, so that's CatsHtmlV1.5, you can easily create Java-scripts independently, using a separate function.

 The third program, which I would like you to recommend, in my opinion, slightly better than the previous, but to work in it, not entangled, should first undergo a course in the previous one. And her name was 11,111,114. HtmlPad FisherMan 1.9 [/b] .

 I'll start with the many pluses, who gladly will write this program. The most important and most interesting for the novice saytostroitelya - a huge number of references on HTML, CSS, javascript, etc. This, in my opinion, a huge plyusische. No wonder so developers are working on this program, which is not far off the second version of this wonderful HTML-notebook. Another of the benefits you can provide clear panel with buttons to quickly insert a tag, it's what I said earlier, work with encodings, an excellent job with the text (translated from the transliteration and back). And no small plus, which puts this program on one line higher than the others - is working with templates, which is important for novice programmers in HTML. In this program, I was trying to work and worked with when I was in Internet University, because, in my opinion, all that the texts of lectures was not, I found it in her, then I only had version 1.2. As time goes by, and nothing can be done about it, you had better luck than me, because this editor should help you more. At least I hope so, anyway.

 The last program that I had the indispensable help, and I just can not fail to mention about it. Clear HTML v.1.54 - A miracle of human hands, it helps to remove any unnecessary gaps and weaknesses in your pages, thereby reducing their size to a global network it loads quickly. And the biggest plus of the program - it does not affect your text or the design of your site's content, but merely removes an unnecessary, and thus curtail the amount of 20-30 percent.

Another program, in my opinion, the most complete and versatile, it is Microsoft FrontPage . In it you'll find This is all, and yet little cart capabilities. In this program, you not only give the right set of buttons, and, say, work as you like, but also help build a website. In FrontPage written a great guide, which will not only help newcomers learn the basics of web design, but also professionals improve their skills. This program and to this day the most popular, Microsoft has virtually no chance left to competitors.

But that's FrontPage - not a free program. So you have to buy a box with the disk.